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My Problem Is Deer. What Types of Deer Fencing Are Available?


Question: My Problem Is Deer. What Types of Deer Fencing Are Available?
If keeping deer pests away from your yard is of paramount concern, then you may want to install some type of barrier. But first learn about the different types of deer fencing available....

Deer fencing varies in terms of cost, "invisibility," effectiveness and durability. The conventional type is made of a heavy metal: it's effective and durable, but it is relatively expensive. Nor do these high barriers blend well into the landscape. I will touch briefly here on some of the pros and cons of other types of deer fencing.

Electric deer fencing is one of the cheapest types of deer fencing, generally consisting of a wire or wires strung relatively low along the desired border.

  • Pro: Electric deer fencing may be an alternative where the height of conventional deer fencing might present too much of an eyesore.
  • Con: Electric deer fencing may not be a viable option where children or pets will be present.

Note that electric deer fencing is sometimes baited. In this case, the intention is to expose the animal to the shock, which discourages it from approaching the area in the future.

A variation on this type of deer fencing is a product known as, The Wireless Deer Fence™. In this case, baited posts (with no deer fencing, per se) are placed on deer paths leading into your property or around specimens that don't qualify as deer-resistant plants. Attracted to the baited posts, the animals receive a mild shock, discouraging future incursions into your yard.

Polypropylene mesh deer fencing is more expensive than electric deer fencing but less expensive than conventional deer fencing.

  • Pro: Mesh deer fencing is nearly invisible.
  • Con: Mesh deer fencing, while durable, isn't as durable as conventional deer fencing.

A variation on mesh deer fencing is one composed of metal but coated with black polyethylene, to render it less visible. This type of deer fencing is more expensive than mesh deer fencing but also more durable.

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