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Pictures of Flowering Bulbs, Growing Information

Flowering bulbs are confusing to novices. Some call the flowering bulbs that bloom in spring "spring bulbs," while others term them "fall bulbs" (they're planted in fall). To avoid confusion, I call them "spring flowering bulbs," using time of bloom as my criteria for classification. The information below will be helpful to novices as an introduction to some of the types of flowering bulbs.

Spring Flowering Bulbs
Through these pictures of the blooms of spring flowering bulbs (accompanied by growing information), choose the colors appropriate to your own landscape design. Stick these flowering bulbs in the ground in fall and reap a rich landscape harvest when winter's snows recede.

Deer-Resistant Flowering Bulbs
Is anything you plant in your landscape in danger of being gobbled up by deer?. See some examples of spring bulbs that Bambi tends not to bother. Daffodils are well-known for being left alone by deer, but I furnish some other examples you may not be as familiar with.

Planting Tulips
Tulips and Holland: they seem to go hand-in-hand to some. But botanists will tell you the ancestral home of the tulip is Asia. Regardless of their place of origin, no landscape capable of growing tulips should be without them in spring. Learn about their growing requirements here.

A smaller flowering bulb (it actually sprouts from a "corm") than the tulip, the crocus is, nonetheless, equally indispensable, if for no other reason than that it is among our earliest bloomers. And if you live in a cold climate, as I do, you know how important it is to be able to enjoy early color in the spring yard.

Daffodil Bulbs
Daffodils are iconic flowering bulbs for the spring season. There are many types of Narcissus. Some have prominent trumpets (my favorite), while others display hardly any trumpet at all. Many produce a wonderful scent, in addition to being great-looking.

The "snow" in "snowdrops" is apt: snowdrops are sometimes spotted pushing up through a layer of snow, making them the ultimate heralds of spring. These are short flowering bulbs, similar to scilla.

Scilla Siberica Bulbs
Scilla siberica is also known as "Siberian squill." The touch of blue it offers to the spring landscape is most welcome. I've found myself mesmerized by some especially large patches of these flowering bulbs in people's lawns.

Hyacinths are among the most fragrant of the flowering bulbs of spring. Their clusters of blossoms remind me of handfuls of colorful starfish! Like Narcissus the name comes from Greek mythology: from Hyacinthus' blood (killed in a discus-throwing accident), a flower sprouted.

Iris Reticulata
Iris reticulata is a dwarf iris and a harbinger of spring. These iris flowers bear 3 colors all on one petal (purple, yellow and white), making the plants attractive (especially when planted in masses) even though they are small.

Planting Easter Lilies
You may wonder if you can plant Easter lilies outside after receiving them as holiday gifts. Learn the necessary growing information to be able to save these flowering bulbs so that you can enjoy their fragrant blooms year after year (they bloom in July for me).

Allium Schubertii: Ornamental Onion That Looks Like Fireworks
Despite all its good qualities, I had a bad experience with Allium schubertii, as I share in my article. But I focus on the plant's good points (most notably, its sensational flower head) and growing requirements.

Stargazer Lily: Care and Growing Tips
Stargazer lilies are a type of Oriental lily. Their gorgeous looks and sturdy stems have made them a favorite in the florist trade, but you can grow them in your own yard, too. Find out how here.

Spanish Bluebells: Nice Option for a Late-Blooming Spring Bulb
Are Spanish bluebells blue? Not really, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't grow them. They're a late-flowering spring bulb, which means you can have some color in a bulb bed even after your crocus and daffodils have disappeared.

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