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Flowering trees are among the most prized specimens of the yard, making a bold statement and often heralding the return of warmer weather in the North. While trees, in general, help form the "backbone" of the landscape, flowering trees add pizazz to a yard in a way that few other plants can. Even if you're already well aware of the value of these blossoming specimens, you'll want to view my photos -- as well as those in its sister gallery, "Flowering Trees" -- to gain a wider perspective on the types of flowering trees available.
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Star magnolia picture.Star Magnolia Trees'Jane' magnolia picture. Jane magnolia flowers are pink.Jane Magnolia PicturePicture of 'Ivory Chalice' magnolia.Ivory Chalice MagnoliaHeaven Scent magnolia trees are sometimes misspelled 'Heaven Sent' magnolia tree.Heaven Scent Magnolia
Oleander Photo. As this photo shows, oleander flowers can be pink; another common color is white.Oleander PictureDrought-tolerant red bird of paradise (photo) is common in Arizona and California.Red Bird of Paradise PictureWitch hazel tree picture. Witch hazel is a flowering tree, as this photo shows.Witch HazelPurple-leaf sand cherry picture. Purple-leaf sand cherry can be trained into a tree.Picture of Purple-Leaf Sand Cherry
Lavender rose of sharon picture.Rose of Sharon PhotoSmoke Tree gets its name from fuzzy flowers. Smoke tree flowers form a sort of cloud, as pic shows.Smoke TreePicture of 'Wolf Eyes' dogwood. Wolf Eyes is a variegated Japanese dogwood (kousa).Wolf EyesPicture of red chestnut tree. As the photo shows, red chestnut tree's flowers live up to the name.Red Chestnut Tree
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