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Victoria Blue Salvia


Picture of Victoria Blue salvia flowers.

Picture of Victoria Blue salvia flowers.

David Beaulieu

Taxonomy of Victoria Blue Salvia:

Plant taxonomy classifies "Victoria Blue" salvia plants as Salvia farinacea 'Victoria Blue.' "Victoria Blue" is the cultivar name. A common name for these plants is "mealy-cup sage," a name that derives from the fuzzy appearance of the flowers of its wild ancestor. Another common name for them is "flowering sage."

Plant Type:

Victoria Blue salvia plants are herbaceous perennials in their native Texas and Mexico but, in northern climes, are usually treated as annual plants.

Characteristics of Victoria Blue Salvia:

Victoria Blue salvia plants reach 18"-24" tall, with a similar spread. The deep blue flowers run up and down 8"-10" flower spikes. The foliage is also attractive, being a grayish-green. This type of ornamental sage blooms all summer long.

Sun and Soil Requirements for Victoria Blue Salvia:

Grow in a sunny area with a well-drained soil. Although it is a drought-tolerant perennial once established, don't forget to water young plants, which are more vulnerable to dry conditions.

Planting Zones for Victoria Blue Salvia:

Victoria Blue salvia flowers are cold-hardy to planting zone 7.

Care for Victoria Blue Salvia:

Deadheading is not considered mandatory for Victoria Blue salvia plants, but it is not a bad idea to deadhead them if you're striving for optimal flowering. Some Northern gardeners prefer to let Victoria Blue salvia flowers go to seed, hoping for naturalization.

Uses for Victoria Blue Salvia in Landscaping:

Because of their showy, long-lasting flowers, they are often treated as bedding plants and massed together to form a "sea of blue." In round container gardens, install a Victoria Blue salvia plant in the middle, and let shorter plants in complementary colors trail over the edge. For those who like to bring the garden inside, Victoria Blue salvia flowers can be used in cut-flower arrangements or dried for a longer-lasting display.

Wildlife Attracted to Victoria Blue Salvia:

Victoria Blue salvia flowers attract hummingbirds. Moreover, they are plants that attract butterflies and bees. Luckily, they are deer-resistant perennials, so Bambi tends not to eat them.

Outstanding Feature of Victoria Blue Salvia:

The deep blue color of Victoria Blue salvia's flowers is no doubt the plant's outstanding feature. Deep, true blue (as opposed to a purplish blue) is a highly sought after color in annual flowers.
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