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Let these climbing vine pictures serve to generate ideas for your own landscaping. My pictures of vines focus on deciduous, flowering vines (whether annual or perennial). In addition to the climbing vine pictures, make use of the links provided to access resources with more detailed information. These pictures of vines should suggest to you many possible uses for them in the landscape, including for:

  • Disguising unattractive fences
  • Supplying fall color
  • Adorning mailboxes and lampposts
  • Rambling over stone walls
  • "Roofing" a shade-giving arbor

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Arctic kiwi vines photo.Climbing Vine Pictures: Variegated Autumn clematis vines picture.Autumn Clematis VinesPicture of climbing euonymus.Climbing Vine Pictures: Deadly ClimberClimbing hydrangea picture.Climbing Hydrangea Vines
Picture of grapevine in flower.Climbing Vine Pictures: Grapevine in FlowerPicture of honeysuckle vine.Honeysuckle Vine Picture Jackman clematis vine picture.Climbing Vine Pictures: Popular FlowersPurple morning glory vine picture.Purple Morning Glory Picture
Photo of sweet pea vines.Climbing Vine Pictures: Sweet Pea VinesTrumpet vines picture.Climbing Vine Pictures: Lovely, But High-MaintenanceWisteria vine picture.Wisteria Vine Picture The "leaflets 3" rhyme is not perfect, as Boston Ivy demonstrates.Climbing Vine Pictures: "Ivy League" Vines
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