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Landscaping With Fragrant Plants

Fragrant plants take on a life of their own quite apart from their looks, as we will go out of our way to walk up to them just to smell them. Many flowers have a pleasing fragrance to some degree, but in this section I've assembled links to information on the best of the best.

Fragrant Flowers
Here's an overview of fragrant plants that provide blossoms for the landscape, including roses. Shakespeare's famous two lines in Romeo and Juliet are perhaps responsible, in part, for the rose's preeminence among fragrant plants. But this article links to information on other classic fragrant plants, too.

Plants With Aromatic Foliage
If someone tells you they have a sweet-smelling plant in the yard, you probably assume the smell comes from a flower, right?. But "aromatic" isn't synonymous with "blossoms." It is leaves, sometimes, that enchant us with their perfumes. Here are some examples.

Moon Gardens
Moon gardens make use not only of white flowers but also of fragrant plants, which can be appreciated even when it is dark outside. Some of the fragrant flowers that festoon moon gardens can also be enjoyed during the daytime, but others are strictly night bloomers, whose only chance to attract pollinators lies in being smelled.

Fragrant Plants for Late Spring: Lilacs
Common lilac bushes bloom in late spring, when they release their heavenly fragrance into the evening air. If you care about having aroma in the landscape, planting lilacs is a must! Learn how to grow them here.

Peony Plants
These fragrant plants come from China. Peonies are a triple threat, boasting blooms that are gorgeous in appearance and that exude a heavenly aroma; they also bear attractive leaves. On top of all this, peony plants can live for decades in the landscape (without much maintenance, at all).

Bearded Iris Flowers
So colorful are iris flowers that they were named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. But in addition to producing exquisitely graceful blossoms, some types of iris also smell wonderful. I discuss one such type here.

Fragrant Plants in the Herb Garden: English Lavender
Above I mentioned plants valued specifically for the smell of their foliage, and many herbs fall into this category. Perhaps the most renowned among them is lavender, a stalwart of potpourris for generations. In the landscape, a nice use for these fragrant plants is in a border planting.

Rose Color Meanings
Here's an article that will come in handy for Valentine's Day. Many of us have all we can do simply to remember to buy flowers. But did you know that one is actually expected to buy the right- colored rose for the right occasion? Seems a bit much to ask, I know. But if you wish to be praised for a thoughtful gift, consult the formula...

Sweet Alyssum
The "sweet" in "sweet alyssum" refers to aroma, not taste. Sweet alyssum is an example of an annual that merits placement in the "fragrant plants" category. Here I present some of the benefits of planting this low-growing annual.

Lily of the Valley
What's not to like about the white blossoms of lily-of-the-valley? Many are captivated by the aroma exuded by Convallaria majalis . A traditional favorite, it is the sort of fragrant plant you may remember growing in your grandmother's garden. But there is a dark side of lily-of-the-valley that lurks beneath those pristine, bell-shaped blooms....

Heliotrope Flowers
Heliotrope flowers are fragrant plants popular in butterfly gardens. This page is part of a photo gallery, organized according to flower color. Browse through the gallery for inspiration on planting themes.

10 Bad-Smelling Flowers and Their Use in Landscaping
Not that all blossoms are redolent. Some outright stink! Learn about some of the offenders commonly found in northern landscapes in this article. Consult this resource for a more balanced view of the subject of blossoms and their smell.

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