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Free Landscaping Courses

My free landscaping courses are designed to suit a number of different tastes and meet a variety of needs. One lasts 15 weeks, another 18; these are my two long courses. For those who want something shorter, I offer a course 36 days long, another 35 days long, and yet another with a duration of 34 days. Subject matter also varies from one offering to another; choose, e.g., between a focus on landscape design vs. alternative landscaping.

"Landscaping -- A Yard at a Time"
This introductory landscape design course lasts 108 days and offers a sampling of the subjects I write about in my articles. Receive a daily newsletter in your email with links to tips for landscape design and maintenance work.

"Landscape Planning and Planting"
Already done with Course #1, "Landscaping -- A Yard at a Time?" The next logical step is to sign up, for free, for Course #2! "Landscape Planning and Planting" is a more targeted course, and it's shorter (36 daily lessons). A few lessons present specialized topics (for example, garden fountains and color theory), but the course's focus is on practical planting plans and maintenance.

"Alternative Landscaping"
This landscape design course complements the prior two offerings, which covered landscaping basics. Course #3, the "Alternative Landscaping" course, is more specifically geared to readers who, not content merely to have a pretty yard, wish to dig a bit deeper and question our attitudes toward the landscape.

"Pick the Right Plant"

When picking plants to install in your yard, you need to establish the proper criteria before you can make an intelligent selection. For any given spot in the yard, your first thought may be: “Out of all my possible plant choices, which plant will look best there?” But answering that question is really just the beginning of a long process, which includes answering additional questions regarding:

  • Environmental conditions (sun vs. shade, tolerance towards drought or salt, etc.)
  • Toxicity (many plants pose a danger to small children)
  • Invasiveness
  • Pest problems

At the end of the decision process, you should arrive at the right plant for the right spot.

This course will guide you through the process, using examples. We'll cover 14 landscaping categories in 128 lessons.

"Answers to Landscaping Problems"
Let's face it: sometimes, we just plain hit a road-block in our DIY projects. A challenge arises, and we need to find a solution to it before we can proceed. This 34-day course is designed to furnish such solutions. Obviously, I can't anticipate every possible challenge you may encounter. But here you'll find a nice sampling of common landscaping problems and learn how to solve them.

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