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Care of Apple Trees and Varieties

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but who is going to keep the (tree) doctor away from your apple trees? Proper apple-tree care starts with selecting the best varieties for your area but does not end there. Good care extends to spacing and pruning, for example, both of which are discussed in the links below.

Apple Trees: Care, Selection
Maybe you have been eating apples all your life, yet, when the time comes to start growing your own apple trees, you do not have a clue as to where to begin? Try this article as a starting point. I discuss apple tree varieties and provide advice on the care required to grow them.

Care of Apple Trees: Pruning
"Pruning apple trees brings fear and trepidation to gardeners. Pruning apple trees improves the tree's vigor and fruit production. But it just seems so complicated," writes Marie Iannotti. Marie simplifies matters for you by showing you, in pictures, what it takes for success in this aspect of the care of apple trees.

Dwarf Fruit Trees
"Dwarf fruit trees produce regular sized fruit on smaller trees. A three to four foot high apple tree might produce up to 45 apples of a regular apple variety," writes Lesley Shepherd. Learn more about dwarf fruit trees in this article from About's Guide to Miniatures.

Fruit Harvesting Timetable
Any savings you may derive in the long run from growing a few fruit trees will certainly not put to rest the old dictum, "Money doesn't grow on trees." But fruit trees can be a nice complement, aesthetically, to your other landscaping. Besides, you have to love eating fruit you grew yourself! Vanessa Richins tells us when to harvest fruits from fruit trees in this handy article.

Spacing, Care of Apple Trees and Other Fruits
This is Part I of a two-part article on the care of fruit trees. It begins with general considerations for planting apple trees, etc. and culminates in a table detailing how much space different types of fruit trees require. Apple trees, for instance, need to be spaced at 25' intervals. Part II (see link below) treats of chilling requirements.

Care of Apples Trees, Part II: Chilling Requirements
Part II of an article on the care of fruit trees, providing a table with examples of chilling requirements for the production of various fruit producers, including apple trees. For instance, apple trees need 300-1200 hrs. of chilling. These plants can raise the real estate value of your property, because they're both attractive and functional.

Pruning Apple Trees
Do you need a pictorial guide to pruning apple trees? This site explains the techniques, but also -- you will be glad to hear -- supplements those explanations with pictures. Learn when to prune apple trees and how to shape them.

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