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Privacy Fencing

I've heard of people who don't care about making their yards private. It's a foreign concept for me: every fiber of my being demands that my backyard be a sanctuary. You can make your yard private with vinyl or wooden privacy fencing. But another option is through plantings, whether hedges or less formal groupings.

10 Ideas for Landscaping Property Lines
People landscape their boundaries in all sorts of ways. It really depends on what you're trying to achieve. In this article I consider such factors as maintenance, privacy and beauty in helping you decide how to landscape your property line.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces for Gaining Privacy
Are outdoor rooms entirely different from indoor ones? While it is tempting to answer yes, on closer inspection we find similarities between them. Privacy fencing can form walls outdoors that enclose you in your own little cocoon, giving you some quiet time freed from the public's intrusive glances.

Pictures of Privacy Fencing and More
"Welcome to the wonderful world of fences!" That could be the motto of this photo gallery, which introduces you not only to structures useful for gaining privacy but also to a myriad of designs suited to other needs, such as fences that look great in cottage gardens. Materials range from wooden panels and lattice to wrought iron.

Using Bamboo to Create More Privacy in Your Yard
Maybe you've entertained the idea of using bamboo as privacy fencing but worry about how invasive it can be? Well, here I help you sort things out regarding bamboo. There are invasive and non-invasive types of bamboo, kinds that tolerate cold and others that are cold-sensitive.

Privacy Fencing, Security and a Good-Looking Yard
Can you kill 2 birds with 1 stone and supply your yard with security, too with privacy fencing? Maybe. But this isn't always optimal. Prior to installation, arrive at a detailed evaluation of your needs. You will also have to decide, e.g., if chain-link (which provides security) looks good enough for you.

"Living Wall" Privacy Fencing
"Privacy fencing" is not restricted to hardscape. Plants, properly selected and located, can also give you more privacy. A classic hedge is one option (some arborvitaes, for example, are quite tall and a row of them on a border can make your landscape more private), but another is the "freeform" style.

For People Who Do Want a Classic Hedge....
But some people want the look of a classic hedge. They appreciate a yard with strong lines, a landscape design that proclaims to the world that it's well-manicured. If that describes you, and if you do not mind having to shear the shrubs occasionally, a hedge might be your ticket to a more private yard.

Privacy Fencing With Lattice Screens
Lattice is a versatile product in landscaping. A standalone lattice partition obscures what's behind it without totally cutting you off from the public -- just enough to keep the average neighbor from spying on your every move. Lattice can also be used to hide unsightly trash barrels and for trellising.

Funny Comeback Lines to Use Against Nosey Neighbors
But maybe you don't have an "average" neighbor. If your neighbor reminds you of Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched, you have two choices (other than moving!): hide behind a fortress or go on the offensive. These funny comeback lines might win you a bit privacy -- or at least a temporary verbal victory.

Bad Neighbor Stories
There are some neighborhood annoyances that even privacy fences can't prevent. Does that ring true for you? Think you're alone? Think again! Read these bad-neighbor stories submitted by readers as confirmation that you are not alone in your misery! And submit your own tale of woe to get it off your chest.

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