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Landscaping Pictures

My landscaping pictures, shot in yards from across America, present design ideas and are also useful in plant identification. Commentary accompanies the photos to help beginners make the difficult decisions that often plague us in DIY hardscape projects, in establishing new planting beds and in modifying existing planting beds.
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Color Schemes
Need some ideas for curb appeal projects? Browse these photos showing plant color schemes in action! See examples of color contrasts, "warm" colors, "cool" colors and more. Nothing enlivens a yard like the proper use of color.

Winter Landscapes
How do you create a winter wonderland in your own yard? Proper plant selection goes a long way. Evergreens are a start, and berry-bearing plants are a nice bonus. But have you ever considered growing a tall ornamental grass and leaving it uncut until spring, so that it can poke up gracefully out of the snow?

Landscaping Pictures of Front Door Entrances
How does one design around front door entrances? While that question has to be answered on an individual basis, I suggest some possible answers in these landscaping pictures. Many people like to draw attention to their front entry by using symmetry, and I offer many examples of that here. But there's something for everyone here.

Focal Points for Curb Appeal
Professionals use focal points to direct attention to a selected section of the landscape. They also take scale, line and other design concepts into consideration to control the eye movement of the viewer. Of course, for the general public, what really matters is simply that the focal point in question catches one's attention.

Plant Form and Texture
Beginners often underestimate the importance of plant form and texture in designing a yard that will afford lasting beauty. Enter my resource showing how plant form and texture can be used to create great curb appeal. See examples showing form and texture in action, then implement these ideas in your own yard.

How to Make Your Yard Beautiful
This gallery can provide you with numerous ideas for your own home. My images offer free examples of some of the basic elements found in beautiful yards. Learn what areas of the yard you should concentrate on, as well as what components you can use to beautify them.

Flowering Ground Covers
Flowering ground covers offer a 2-for-1 deal: their blossoms provide the yard with color, while their foliage and roots prevent soil erosion and keep the weed population down. My landscaping pictures will aid beginners in their plant selection, helping you pick from the choices available by determining which plants will provide the most value.

Ideas for Beach Themes
Do you live in a seaside community and desire a garden theme to match? Or perhaps you live in the hinterland but still would like to invoke that "beach feel"? Either way, browsing these landscaping pictures will provide you with some decorating ideas. My pics of beach themes run the gamut from photos of salt-tolerant plants to pics of ornaments that shout "ocean."

List of Flowers With Pictures
Are you interested in trees with dazzling blossoms? Or perhaps it's flowering shrub choices that you're researching? Many will be seeking facts about particular annuals or perennials with gorgeous blooms, as they try to decide what to plant next in the garden. You'll find all this and more within this collection of images.

Pictures of Cacti and Succulents
We sometimes speak of "cacti and succulents" as if they were a relatively homogeneous group. In fact, the variety in size, shape, color and other attributes among cacti and succulents is enormous. My landscaping pictures of cacti and succulents (and yes, Agaves, too!) try to provide, in some small measure, a glimpse of their diversity.

Variegated Plants
Variegated plants add punch to the yard with their bi-colored (or sometimes tri-colored) foliage. In this photo gallery I show images of plants with variegated leaves that fall into a number of categories. For example, for a tree, see the Tricolor beech; for a shrub, 'Sugar Tip' rose of sharon; for a perennial, variegated columbine (etc.).

Landscape Design Photo Gallery
This photo gallery is geared to front-yard design ideas and supplemented by links to relevant resources. Photos run the gamut from shots of inspirational meadows to examples of hardscape. Mine these pics for ideas before you undertake any new DIY front-yard design projects.

Don't sell vines short: properly used, they can solve many a problem for your yard. Let these climbing vine images serve to generate ideas for your own property. My photo gallery of vines includes flowering types and evergreen types.

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