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Beach Landscape Ideas

Outdoor Nautical Decor Photos, Plants for a Beach Theme


A beach theme with outdoor nautical decor can include salt-tolerant plants indigenous to your seashore and nautical yard signs, mailboxes and ornaments. Browse my beach-theme photos for landscape ideas to use in your own yard.

You don't have to live near the seashore to inject these nautical themes into your backyard landscaping. Beach landscape ideas work well in lakeside communities, too by association -- despite the fact that there are no real whales or lighthouses within hundreds of miles! Such details don't stop the true ocean-lover from decorating with beach themes. I've witnessed the use of outdoor nautical decor in yards located nowhere near water of any sort, whether fresh or salty.

If you don't live near the seaside (yet are attracted to nautical decor) and question whether a beach theme is appropriate for your landscaping, realize that it's not an all-or-nothing proposition. Try installing an artificial pond and decorating just that area of the yard with a beach theme.

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Beach-theme yard signs look great in seaside communities.Beach Landscape Ideas: Yard Sign Photos Picture of a fence made with a ship's chain.Outdoor Nautical Decor PhotosShip's rope photo, used in fencing. Another beach-theme material for fencing: a ship's rope.Ship's Rope Used as FencePicture of carved lobster, nautical rope on post. Carved lobster are perfect for beach themes.Nautical Rope and Carved Lobster
Photo of lighthouse ornament surrounded by tropical plants.Beach Landscape Ideas: Outdoor Nautical Decor PhotosPicture of "beach rose."Beach Landscape Ideas: Seaside Plant PhotosPicture of an ivy geranium hanging basket.Ivy Geranium Hanging BasketsPalm trees photo.Picture of Palm Trees
Photo of woolly beach heather.Beach Landscape Ideas: Seaside Plant PhotosPhoto of beach grass.Plants for Landscaping Near the OceanFish mailbox photo.Beach Landscape Ideas: Photos of Mailboxes With a Beach ThemePicture of mailbox in the form of a fishing lure. Fishing lure mailboxes fit well into beach themes.Fishing Lure Mailbox
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