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Fences as Walls of Outdoor Rooms

Fencing Used to Create Divisions in a Yard


When we hear "fence," our first thought may be of a structure installed on a border, whether to keep something in (or out) or for purposes of definition....
Landscape fence photo.

Landscape fence photo.

David Beaulieu

However, fencing can also be used to create divisions in a yard. In this context, think of fences as serving a function similar to that of the walls inside a house, dividing one room from another. Having separate outdoor living spaces allows you to create mini-landscape designs, as has been done in the yard shown in this landscaping photo. In a large yard, such divisions can serve to break up a vast expanse into smaller, more interesting groups of plantings, as well.

In the next fence picture, you'll see a very different example of the plant world working together with fencing in a landscape design....

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