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Pictures of Poison Ivy

Answering, "What Does Poison Ivy Look Like?" Through Pictures


Photos of plants expedite identification, and to that end I have assembled pictures of poison ivy in the present gallery. Follow the links within my gallery to access related information on the plants -- and on the skin rash they cause.

I am often asked, "What does poison ivy look like?" Indeed, it's more than merely an academic question, since being able to identify the "itchy vine" with confidence can prevent you from an unfortunate encounter with it -- or, more specifically, from developing the rash that often follows an encounter with it.

In addition, I also present pictures of poison ivy look-alikes, for the sake of comparison. There's no sense in being afraid of these wannabes: save your energy for avoiding the real thing!

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Picture of young poison ivy leaves.What the Young Leaves of Poison Ivy Look LikePoison ivy leaves are sometimes notched.Young Leaflet PicturePicture of poison ivy. Leaves of Young Poison Ivy PlantsPicture of an orangy poison ivy leaf.Pictures of Poison Ivy - Color Changes
What poison ivy looks like.What Does Poison Ivy Look Like?Picture of poison ivy flower buds.Pictures of the Flower BudsPicture of poison ivy flowers. As this picture shows, poison ivy flowers are rather unremarkable.Poison Ivy FlowersPhoto of the white berries of poison ivy.Pictures of Poison Ivy -- Ripened Berries
Picture of poison ivy vine growing on a stone wall.Picture of Poison Ivy Leafpoison ivy's fall foliagePictures of Poison Ivy -- Picture of Fall Foliagehe autumn foliage of poison ivy plants ranges from yellow to orange to red.Pictures of Poison Ivy - Autumn FoliageHave you wondered what those hairy vines are climbing up trees? Pictures of Poison Ivy - the Aerial Roots
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