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Blooming Bushes for Spring and Summer Color


Many flowering shrubs attract birds with their berries and provide brilliant fall foliage. But flowering shrubs are perhaps at their best when blooming, during which time they can stand alone as specimens and serve as focal points in a landscape design. It is the splendor of their blooms that I focus on in these pictures of flowering shrubs. The flowering shrubs I have chosen for this photo gallery run the gamut from early-spring bloomers to those that flower in late summer.
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Picture of andromeda shrubs.Flowering Shrubs: Andromeda Picture of blue rose of sharon shrub.Rose of SharonPicture of caryopteris shrub with bee.Flowering Shrubs: BluebeardPicture of flowering quince shrubs.Flowering Quince
Picture of forsythia shrubs.Flowering Shrubs: ForsythiaPicture of a bloom from the shrub, Japanese kerria.Japanese KerriaPicture of a bloom from a hibiscus shrub.Flowering Shrubs: HibiscusPicture of a bloom from a rhododendron shrub.Rhododendrons
Picture of floral cluster from a "Minuet" laurel shrub.Flowering Shrubs: Minuet LaurelPicture of pink roses.RosesPicture of purple lilacs.Flowering Shrubs: LilacsPicture of red azalea bush.Azaleas

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