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Pictures of a Variety of Plants to Use in Your Landscaping


Each plant appearing in this gallery is used as a representative for the whole group of plants to which it belongs. Clicking on one of the landscape plant pictures below will bring you to information about others that are similar to it -- and information about how to use them in the yard. The photo of the red maple tree, for example, serves as an "index" to the various types of fall foliage trees that I cover; click it to visit my resources on that subject.
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You'll often find red maple tree leaves tri-colored: red, green and yellow.Photos of Fall Foliage TreesWeeping cherry picture.Landscape Plant Pictures: Flowering Trees, Such as Weeping CherryPicture of a snow-covered bough of a hemlock tree.Photos of Evergreen Trees, Such as HemlockFall foliage picture of sumac.Fall Foliage Shrubs
Picture of caryopteris shrub with bee.Flowering ShrubsPhoto of evergreen holly with berries.Evergreen Shrubs: Holly Berries PhotoWisteria vine picture.Vines, Such as WisteriaCreeping phlox picture.Ground Covers
Moonbeam coreopsis picture.PerennialsNarcissus flowers picture.Bulb Plants, Such as Narcissus FlowersPink petunia picture.Annuals, Such as Pink PetuniasOrnamental grass picture.Landscape Plant Pictures: Ornamental Grass
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