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Route 66 From Start to Finish in Pictures

Landscaping in the U.S.A Along Historic Route 66


Commissioned in 1926, Route 66 stretched 2,448 miles from the shores of Lake Michigan in Illinois to California's Pacific coast. What better way to discover something of the diversity of America's natural landscape -- and the diversity of landscaping plants and decor exhibited by Americans across the fruited plain -- than to drive the "Main Street of America" from start to finish? That's just what we did in October, 2009, even though it meant piecing historic Route 66 together across eight states (it was decommissioned in 1985) using special maps and Tom Snyder's Route 66 Traveler's Guide.

As a landscaping enthusiast, I drove Route 66 with camera at the ready, poised to record in pictures any scenes that I felt captured the essence of the states through which I passed. The result is the gallery of landscaping pictures that follows.

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Unusual mailboxes (or mailbox posts) give a landscape a personal touch.Unusual Mailbox PostPicture of burning bush. A fall color standout, burning bush is, however, invasive.Ash Tree Picture in Illinois LandscapingDogwood picture. As this picture shows, dogwood bears fine fall foliage.Fall Foliage in MissouriFunky idea for displaying a house number sign. Display of house number sign indicative of taste. Funky House Number Plaque
This bull statue in Kansas announced the beginning of our trek through cattle country on Route 66.Kansas LandscapingHay bales are common in fall decorating, but figures made of hay bales are unusual.Fall Decorating With Hay Bales Picture: pump from an old gas station. Some decorate with gas station memorabilia.Decorating With Old Gas PumpsPicture: The "cactus" post for this mailbox is perfect for Southwestern decor.Southwestern Decor in Oklahoma Landscaping
Picture: flying saucer ornament. Photo of flying saucer ornament in yard.Picture of Martian and UFO Lawn OrnamentPicture: metal landscape edging. Metal landscape edging holds up to the Texas winds.Metal Edging Stands Up to Texas WindsPicture: horned toad art a perfect fit for cactus planting. Horned toads are desert lizards.Picture of Texas Horned Lizard Art for the YardCadillac Ranch car partially buried in ground. 10 cars make up the Cadillac Ranch display.Picture of Cadillac Ranch Art
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