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If you need ideas for making scarecrows this Halloween, peruse my pictures, which include tips on making body parts for your straw man. You'll also learn about scarecrow hats and clothes, plus ways to support your creation.

Some of these pictures were shot in Seneca Falls, NY, a town in the Finger Lakes region. Seneca Falls decorates its downtown in fall using a scarecrow theme. Besides beautifying a downtown for residents and visitors alike, such decor themes can be a source for ideas for making scarecrows -- to use in your own yard.

Incidentally, Seneca Falls is thought by many to have been the inspiration for "Bedford Falls" in the Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life (1947), with Jimmy Stewart. While the town's associations with the Christmas holiday may, consequently, be foremost in one's mind, its garden scarecrow decorations work wonderfully well for Halloween.

Pictures in the present gallery focus on materials used in putting together your creation; when you're ready to actually create one, use my tips on how to make a scarecrow. If you're seeking additional creative ideas for making scarecrows, see my scarecrow pictures for new ideas on the various themes to explore when decorating with this Halloween icon.

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Scarecrow picture: Burlap is an alternative to cloth for fabric scarecrow faces.Burlap for Scarecrow FacesWolfman scarecrow picture. Draw hair and features on burlap to make a Wolfman scarecrow.Wolfman ScarecrowPicture: Halloween scarecrow with bittersweet. A store-bought Halloween scarecrow saves time.Cloth An Alternative to Burlap for FacesPicture: garden scarecrow surrounded by mums. Garden scarecrows look great with mums.Garden Scarecrow With Jack-o'-Lantern Head
Scarecrow photo: A plastic pot can be used for the head of your scarecrow.Scarecrow Idea: Make the Head With a PotScarecrow in photo bears FTD label. Halloween scarecrow picture was taken in 'Bedford Falls.'Mr. Pumpkin HeadMetalhead scarecrow photo: Make a metalhead scarecrow for your favorite heavy metal music fan.Halloween for Metalheads?The scarecrow in this picture uses wood as a frame. Wood framework draped with scarecrow clothes.Idea: Wooden Frame Offers Stability, Durability
How to make scarecrows? Cornstalks make great scarecrow bodies.Cornstalk ScarecrowPicture: scarecrow with hat on bike. Scarecrow in photo wears glasses.Biking Figure With Classic Scarecrow HatPicture showing witch scarecrow with wig. Witch scarecrow with wig nice change from pointy hat.Picture of Red-Haired Witch Scarecrow Photo showing scarecrow used as planter. Scarecrow's head a pot holding ornamental grass.Idea: Make a Scarecrow Functional
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