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Scarecrow Seated on Straw Bale

Hay Bales Say "Rustic"


When I discuss "props" in the context of scarecrow displays, I'm not limiting the discussion to manufactured props such as rakes and bikes....
Picture: Scarecrow resting on a hay bale. Using hay bales is an easy way to support scarecrows.

Picture: Scarecrow resting on a hay bale.

David Beaulieu

The straw bale is the "prop" in this scarecrow display. Hay bales or straw bales make wonderful seats for scarecrows, since they evoke rusticity and the farming life. It's easy to create an idyllic scarecrow display. Simply surround a traditional scarecrow with straw bales, cornstalks, a large pumpkin and fall flowers. Your scarecrow display will be the talk of the neighborhood!

In show many more examples of props used in scarecrow displays in my photo gallery of scarecrow pictures that focuses on decorating themes.

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