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Needled, Broadleaf Evergreen Shrubs


Bearing leaves as they do year-round, evergreen shrubs are the preferred bushes for privacy hedges, since they keep you from being exposed to prying eyes for all 12 months of the year. Needle-bearing evergreen shrubs with small, tightly spaced needles are especially useful in hedges, as they can be trimmed to precise shapes. Yews come to mind immediately. But broadleaf evergreen shrubs with small leaves, such as boxwood, also cry out for a good shearing that will turn them into nice, rectangular walls. Other evergreen shrubs may be striking enough to go solo and serve as specimens. Click on any of the pictures in the photo gallery below to learn more about that particular bush.
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Picture of a rhododendron (affectionately known as a "rhodie").Pictures of Evergreen Shrubs: "Rhodies"Emerald 'n Gold euonymus is variegated, bearing green and gold leaves, as this photo shows.Euonymus FortuneiHemlock picture. Hemlock shrubs in picture flank a driveway entrance function as privacy screen.Pictures of Evergreen Shrubs: HemlockGold Mop picture. An evergreen shrub with awl-shaped needles, Gold Mop (or "Mops") bears gold leavesGold Mop
Boxwood photo. Use guide lines to shear boxwood straight if seeking a formal hedge.Boxwood PictureBlue holly is so called due to blue-green leaves, as revealed in this blue holly picture.Holy Holly!Arborvitae shrub picture. Arborvitae shrubs make a good hedge, as this photo shows.ArborvitaeMinuet laurel photo.Mountain Laurel
Yew shrub picture. Their tiny, densely packed needles make yew shrubs amenable to shaping.YewPicture of daphne with its white flowers. Buds on daphne start out pink but produce white flowers.DaphneJuniper picture. The creeping junipers are popular ground covers.Pictures of Evergreen Shrubs: Juniper Ground CoverBlue Star juniper picture. An evergreen shrub, Blue Star juniper is a compact plant.Blue Star Juniper Bush
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