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Pictures of Landscaping for Front Door Entrances

How to "Lead the Viewer's Eye" Using Entryway Plantings


In landscaping for front door entrances, you are trying to achieve several objectives. For instance, you want to:

  • Match the entryway planting to your house style and wider surroundings
  • Create a welcoming environment (unless your goal is privacy)
  • Lead the viewer's eye from the street to the front door entrance

In these pictures of landscaping showing front door entrances, I'll provide examples of entryway plantings showing how each of these objectives can be met. Commentary accompanies each of the pictures.

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These planted urns frame the front door entrance.Landscaping Pictures: Symmetry in Front Door Entrance DesignGranite pathway lined with boxwood shrubs.Symmetrically Designed Front Door EntranceWelcoming vine-covered picket fence.Cottage Style Front EntranceA modest yet cheerful entryway design.Landscaping Pictures: Decorative Fences Leading to Front Entryway
The hard edges of this cobblestone path are softened.Cobblestone Path Front EntranceBrick steps up a slope leading to a front door.Landscaping Steps to Climb to Front Door EntrancesPineapple decor is popular in landscaping for entryways.Brick Columns and Pineapple DecorThe opening in the hedge functions as a "gate" onto the property.A Hedge Opening as a "Gate" Into the Yard
Colorful geraniums divert the gaze from the wheelchair access ramp.Wheelchair Access Ramps for Front Door EntrancesThe white picket fence gate in this picture does not lead to an entryway.Landscaping Pictures: Faux Entryways With White Picket Fence GatesPicture showing a symmetrical landscape design for a front entry.Symmetry for Front Doors Picture of front entry with wrough iron fence and symmetrically arranged pots.Planting Urns on Porch
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