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Landscaping pictures are worth a thousand words. Sometimes you can get ideas for front-yard landscaping design by looking at images of other people's DIY projects. Links to additional resources are included in the landscape design photo gallery, offering design tips and plant information. Click on any of the thumbnails in the gallery below to view the full-size version of the image.
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Wildflower meadow picture.Landscaping Pictures: Wildflower MeadowsPicture of lupines. As my picture shows, lupines produce showy flowers in spikes.Picture of Lupine FlowersExample of how to create a focal point in a lawn.Landscape Edging on a Lawn This arbor provides a transition in the side yard.Transition From Front Yard to Backyard
Example of border landscaping, showing picture of a post and rail fence.Border With Fence and ShrubsExample of a fence planting. You can soften a fence by planting flowers near it.Landscaping BordersPicture of a white picket fence. Cottage garden favorites, white picket fences exude charm.Landscaping Pictures: White Picket FencesPicture of a picket fence on a wall. The picket fence is capped with finials.Wood Picket Fences
Example of the use of line to control eye movement. This picture of line shows a wall.Example of Line in Landscape DesignPicture of a stone wall. They're fixtures in New England, site for my picture of a stone wall.Stone Wall BordersExample of a solution for a problem area in a yard, using ornamental grass and mulch.Ornamental Grasses in Roadside PlantingsExample of how to control hillside erosion. Ornamental grass can control hillside erosion.Landscape Design on Hillsides

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