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Stone Wall Borders

Soften Your Hardscape With Plantings


In the prior picture we saw how elaborate masonry walls can serve as more than just a landscaping border, serving to channel the eye to a desirable vista....
Picture of a stone wall. They're fixtures in New England, site for my picture of a stone wall.

Picture of a stone wall border.

David Beaulieu

In the photo above the stone wall border is less ambitious; mainly, it provides the structure for a planting. But the influence is not all one way. As much as the flowers benefit from the hardscape, the latter benefits from the planting, which softens what would otherwise be a harsh edge.

While the plants arguable take center stage in this photo, I've seen some very creative stone walls standing all alone that just take your breath away. In my region, rocky New England, stone walls are practically a way of life.

In the next landscape design picture, and the picture that follows it, we'll look at examples of ornamental grasses. Ornamental grasses can be effective at filling in that odd area on the landscape that you're not sure what to do with.

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