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Landscaping Pictures: Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower Meadows a Low-Maintenance Alternative


This landscaping picture shows a wildflower meadow. Wildflower meadows are useful for filling extensive areas of your yard where you want low maintenance.
Wildflower meadow picture.

Wildflower meadow picture.

David Beaulieu

In the picture above of a wildflower meadow, the old tree in the background adds to the "country" feel of the scene. The old farm equipment items that have become such popular lawn ornaments would provide an appropriate accent here.

Thoughts on Wildflower Meadows

  • While a more conventional groundcover could have been used in this landscape design, few would match the color display of the yellow buttercups and other wildflowers pictured in the wildflower meadow above.
  • The area could also have been covered with mulch, and planted with shrubs or store-bought perennials. This option would be more refined, but would not be cheap.

For another simple, natural landscape design, see the next landscaping picture....

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