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Transition From Front Yard to Backyard

The Ever-Tricky Side Yard


The purpose of the design in the prior picture was to create a focal point in a front yard. In this picture we turn our attention to the side yard....
This arbor provides a transition in the side yard.

This arbor provides a transition in the side yard.

David Beaulieu

In the picture above, the lawn area is quite extensive; the expanse of lawn needs to be broken up. To break it up visually and invite the viewer to the backyard, the fencing and garden arbor serve as a transition.

The arbor frames the view to the backyard, as if beckoning the viewer to enter and see what's out back. Landscape design is often neglected in side yards. People understand that the front yard is for display, while the backyard is for relaxing, playing, entertaining and vegetable gardening. But what are the sides of the yard for?

In many cases, the side yard is a narrow strip. Not so in the landscape pictured above. There are many ways to approach landscaping in such an extensive side yard. But I think this homeowner is right in seeing that, first and foremost, a strong structural element is required to serve as a transition and welcome the eye to the cozier corners of the backyard.

In the next landscaping picture and those that immediately follow it, we'll take a further look at how walls or fencing can enhance your landscaping.

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