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Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs Usher in Spring


Browse these pictures of outdoor Easter decorations to gain ideas for your own yard. See examples of ornaments featuring baskets, bunnies, chicks, eggs and more. Materials for the ornaments shown in the pictures below range from wood to nylon inflatables. Outdoor Easter decorations aren't nearly as popular as their Halloween and Christmas counterparts, but displaying them in the yard is a great way to kick off the spring season.
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Easter basket flag picture.Outdoor Easter Decorations: Flag PictureEaster Bunny inflatable picture.Inflatable Easter Bunny PicturePicture of Easter Bunny family on doorstep. These Easter Bunnies light up.Outdoor Easter Decorations: Easter Bunnies PicturePicture of Easter Bunny couple cutouts.Cutouts Picture
Easter Bunny cutout picture.Outdoor Easter Decorations: Rabbit PicturePicture of mesh Easter Bunny ornaments.Picture of Mesh BunniesPicture of mesh Easter Bunny decoration.Outdoor Easter Decorations: Garden Stake PicturePicture of giant Easter eggs in window box.Giant Easter Eggs
Picture of Easter egg chick decoration.Outdoor Easter Decorations: Chick PicturePicture of hanging Easter Egg figure.Hanging Egg PicturePicture of forsythia wreath.Outdoor Easter Decorations: Easter Wreath PicturePicture of wooden planter with pussy willows.Pussy Willow Picture
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