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Photos Showing Examples of Shrubbery Used Near House Walls


Need ideas for your shrubbery selection this year? These pictures of foundation plantings reveal examples of how other homeowners use shrubbery (in a variety of designs) near their house walls. In addition to bushes, I use examples of foundation beds that make use of spring bulb plants, small trees, etc.
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Photo showing shrubs of different heights and colors, used in a clean, simple design.Simple Shrub ArrangementPhoto of foundation planting behind retaining wall.Retaining WallsPhoto showing a red-green-gold color combo for a foundation planting.Red-Green-Gold Foundation BedPhoto of symmetrically placed shrubs near home.Pictures of Foundation Plantings: Symmetry
Photo showing how shrubs can hide pipes on house walls.Pictures of Foundation Plantings: Screening PipesPhoto showing example of how 'less' can be 'more' in a landscape foundation planting."Less Is More"This photo shows and example of a colorful foundation bed.Pictures of Foundation Plantings: Example of Negative SpacePhoto showing foundation bed with mix of flowering and evergreen shrubs, tree.Foundation Shrubs: Mixing Evergreen and Flowering Plants
The foundation shrubbery in this photo is nicely set off by a white stone mulch.Pictures of Foundation Plantings: White Stone MulchIn this foundation planting photo, shrubs of blue, green and gold foliage are used.Shrub Color VariationPhoto of lamppost planting and foundation planting. Pictures of Foundation Plantings: Lamp-Post PlantingsPhoto of rose bush growing near a house.Growing Rose Bushes as Foundation Shrubs
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