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Use These Pictures for Pumpkin Carving Tips


Pumpkin festivals are a terrific source for pumpkin carving ideas. These pictures were taken at the annual Keene Pumpkin Festival in New Hampshire (U.S.). Each year, the city of Keene tries to break the world record for most carved pumpkins assembled in one spot (a record it held as recently as 2003). Creative people from miles around bring their carved pumpkins to the festival, hoping to be a part of history. If you attend such festivals, all you have to do is keep your eyes open to acquire a multitude of new ideas.

The pictures below represent just a small sampling -- some of jack-o'-lanterns I most enjoyed at this particular festival. This is just one part of a series on pumpkin carving ideas that I have put together for my readers.

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This jack o lantern has a ghost face.Pumpkin Carving Ideas: Halloween IconsA Halloween cat jack-o-lantern.Halloween Cat Jack O LanternFrankenstein face on carved on pumpkin.Frankenstein PumpkinThis Phantom of the Opera jack-o-lantern face could double for a Western theme, with its cowboy hat.Phantom of the Opera Pumpkin...
This awesome pumpkin carving features a pumpkin who's "all teeth."Pumpkin Carving Ideas: Jack O Lanterns With Big MouthsThis jackolantern has been carved so as to make his teeth most prominent.Laughing PumpkinThis Halloween jack-o-lantern has put on a happy face.Smiley Face PumpkinPumpkin carving idea: carved eye becomes tongue.Pumpkin Carving Ideas: Big Tongues
Looking at this big-tongued jackolantern, it's hard not to think it's a Mick Jagger pumpkin.Pumpkins That Are "All Tongue"Tongue carved out in funny pumpkin design.Funny Pumpkin DesignPicture of pumpkin face carved in profile.Pumpkin Carving Ideas: Non-Traditional Jack O LanternsOl' Pumpkin Head looks quite contented in this photo.Pumpkin Carved "Inside-Out"
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