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Pumpkin faces can be humorous or scary, realistic or stylized. One stylized form is the simple, traditional jack-o-lantern with triangular eyes and nose, flashing a smile with a few teeth missing. If you're not satisfied with such traditional pumpkin faces, view my pictures of Halloween pumpkin faces for carving ideas. Some of the pumpkin faces are carved, others are painted; still others have decor affixed to them.
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Picture showing example of how you can decorate pumpkins without carving.Decorate Pumpkins Without CarvingThis jack o lantern was given a goofy pumpkin face.Goofy Pumpkin FaceA goofy-faced pumpkin painted with Halloween witch colors.Painted Pumpkin FacesPicture of pumpkin with scary alien face carved on it.Scary Pumpkin Faces
This pumpkin face has Halloween-cat ears.Halloween Cat Pumpkin FaceThis jackolantern is going to the Halloween party wearing a cat mask.Jack O Lantern With Cat MaskNeed a Wizard of Oz theme for Halloween? How about a cowardly lion pumpkin face? Wizard of Oz Halloween ThemeIdea for pumpkin carving: an upside down pumpkin face.Unconventional Pumpkin Decorating
This laughing jack-o-lantern face seems to be saying, "Hardy hah hah!"Halloween FunThis Halloween jack o lantern wears a gory mask, incorporating gourds.Gory Mask for Your Jack O LanternUp all night? This pumpkin face sports baggy eyes.Party PumpkinThis pumpkin face is "all ears.""All Ears" Pumpkin Face
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