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Home Landscaping Pictures


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Home Landscaping Pictures
My home landscaping pictures include an idea for a driveway entry.

Picture of landscaping for a driveway entrance.

David Beaulieu

What are some of the components that make a landscape "pop?" That's the question we'll be exploring in these ten pages of home landscaping pictures. I'll begin from a broad perspective, considering particular areas of a yard to which you should be paying attention. I'll conclude by zeroing in on more specific components found in some of the world's great landscapes, including some very colorful plants.

The driveway entrance is the logical area of the yard for us to begin with. Why? Because the entrance to your driveway is also the entrance to your yard, as a whole. How your driveway entrance is landscaped, especially when a property is bordered by a fence or wall (thereby focusing attention on the entrance) sets the tone for the viewer's perception of the whole yard.

Consequently, the landscaping for your driveway shouldn't be a mere afterthought. If you would like some free ideas on this subject, please click here to read my driveway landscaping article. If you have a mailbox at the driveway entrance, consider the ground around the post to be a sub-section of the area and use my tips on mailbox landscaping to spruce it up.

Nor should you underestimate the visual impact of the driveway itself. In terms of square feet (relative to the rest of the yard) and visual prominence, a driveway can be a major part of a landscape. If you would like an overview on the subject of driveway options, please click here to view my types of driveways FAQ.

In the next home landscaping picture, we'll look at the importance of "framing" your landscape....

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