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Picture of home entryway landscaping: a curved flagstone path.

Picture of a curved flagstone path.

David Beaulieu

We already discussed landscaping around one kind of entryway: namely, driveway landscaping, the driveway being the entryway to one's whole property. Now let's consider the design for a second type of entrance: i.e., your home entryway landscaping. Below I'll discuss how to impress visitors who approach your front door.

One challenge in landscaping for front entryways is that you want the design to blend in reasonably well with the overall landscape design, while still standing out enough to provide a focal point.

One way to focus attention on the front entryway is to provide an attractive path leading up to it. For more information on this subject, please click here to read my stone paths article.

If you would like to view a complete gallery of landscaping pictures on this subject, please click here to view my entryway plantings gallery.

Of course, what landscaping you install on the way to your front entryway will depend, in part, on pre-existing factors. For instance, those whose front entryway is at the top of a slope may wish to install ground covers in lieu of grass, to minimize landscape maintenance. And folks with large, open porches for front entryways, to cite another example, may wish to make liberal use of container gardens, perhaps on the porch steps. Decorating with container gardens, in fact, is what we'll discuss next.

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