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Photos of Trees in Fall Foliage Colors
Image of dogwood trees in fall. Photos of trees in fall foliage colors help you in selection.

Image of the fall foliage of dogwood trees.

David Beaulieu

The spring landscape and the summer landscape receive most of our attention when it comes to planting. Why? Because after a long winter, we get the planting "bug" in spring, shopping feverishly at the local nursery. Of course, the nursery displays that catch our eye at this time will be geared to spring and summer, because the early part of the year is "prime time" for those plants.

As a result, it's easy to forget to plant with autumn in mind, unfortunately. Yet the fall foliage season holds enormous promise for those landscaping enthusiasts willing to plan for it. Don't be short-sighted and allow your yard to miss out on the colors offered by autumn's bounty! The fall foliage standouts may not look like much when you shop at the nursery in the springtime, but these diamonds in the rough are well worth seeking out: their time will come, soon enough.

While there are some shrubs for fall foliage displays, too, it is trees that I'll focus on here for fall foliage color. But you're not restricted to the tall trees that will take years to mature. If you select a small specimen, such as the dogwood tree pictured above, in just a short time you'll be enjoying a knockout fall foliage display in your own backyard.

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