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Have a look at my free landscaping pictures to gain ideas for use in your own yard. The photos will give you free ideas on everything from selecting plant colors to choosing fence styles. All of the images are accompanied by commentary and links to further information, making this resource both fun and educational.
  1. Make Your Yard "Pop" With Color, Style
  2. Beautifying the Different Areas of Your Yard
  3. Types of Plants: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  4. Creating Visual Interest for the 4 Seasons
  5. Hot Holiday Decorations

Make Your Yard "Pop" With Color, Style

This front-door step is landscaped with symmetry in mind.

When you find examples of great curb appeal in other people's yards, what is it, exactly, that tends to catch your eye? Color exerts a power effect, but there's so much more at play than mere color. Great designs display focal points, textural contrasts and plants with an interesting variety of forms. View my landscaping pictures to see design principles in action!

Beautifying the Different Areas of Your Yard

Picture of granite inlay in brickwork.

You've probably heard the saying, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." And while that's certainly true in landscape design, sometimes it's easy for beginners to learn the tricks of the trade by focusing on the distinct components of a yard, one at a time, before trying to tie everything together. The purpose of these landscaping pictures is thus to examine, separately, some of the basic components of the beautiful yard, par excellence! Learn what sections of the yard you need to focus on, as well as what plants and hardscape you can employ to jazz them up.

Types of Plants: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Sunflower picture.

Plant pictures are pretty to look at, but let's face it, the DIY landscaper needs more than that. Consequently, I append informative notes to my photos of plants, as well as links to additional resources. So make sure you follow all the links! The links are there to guide you to more detailed resources that will aid you in selecting the plant just right for your situation. Of course, not all plants are desirable; so you may also want some help in weed identification. My landscaping pictures will help you identify such "bad neighbors" as poison ivy and poison sumac, as well as weeds commonly found in lawns and gardens.

Creating Visual Interest for the 4 Seasons

Picture of light purple lilacs.

Ultimately, the goal of designing a yard includes achieving four seasons of visual interest. I hope my landscaping pictures inspire you to achieve that goal. Two of the most interesting seasons in the yard can be spring and fall. They don't always last long but can pack quite a visual wallop. Enjoy visual interest in the yard all summer by growing long-blooming perennials. Winter is the Scrooge of the four seasons, but my winter landscaping pictures reveal some ideas for dressing up Old Man Winter.

Hot Holiday Decorations

Picture of Christmas kissing ball, completed.

One way to spice up the yard on a seasonal basis is to decorate for holidays. Of course, how you do so will depend on personal aesthetic tastes, plus where you live and what holidays you care about. But below I link to photo galleries showing holiday decorations from my own region, which can serve as examples. Find out how others are decorating, then feel free to copy -- applying your own unique twists, as desired.

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