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How Long Do Gourds Last?
What does a hardshell gourd look like? This picture shows a penguin type.

Picture of a hardshell gourd still on the vine.

David Beaulieu

On this final page of the tutorial, we'll finish the coonskin cap and also look at how long gourds last, as well as what other fun projects are out there for those who enjoy Halloween decorating.

There's not much left to do now. Just glue on the whimsical, bouncing plastic eyeballs (measuring twice for location, so that you'll have to glue only once) and paint on the whiskers, using white paint.

You're done. To review what the completed decorated gourd looks like, return to Page 1. The picture above brings us full circle, showing what the hardshell gourd used in this project looked like before it was harvested, dried, cleaned and decorated.

Let the kids wear this novel coonskin cap for Trick or Treat. Or wear it yourself to costume parties, fun craft contests and the like. Just because hardshell gourds are superficially similar to pumpkins, do not think that your gourd will eventually rot away -- and all your hard work with it. No, hardshell gourds are durable. Store your decorated gourd in moderate temperatures and out of direct sunlight, and it should survive indefinitely, unless abused.

More Ideas for Trick or Treat

For the young -- and the young at heart -- Halloween is an incredibly fun holiday for decorating. Consult the following resources for ideas on how to decorate your landscaping for Halloween:

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