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How to Make a Snowman

Ideas to Make Your Own Snowman


Kids will find these instructions enlightening, but so will many adults (the young at heart) who have lived their whole lives in a warm climate but now find themselves in a cold one and have a hankering to make a snowman -- for the first time in their lives! Regardless of your age, I owe you nothing less than a "thinking person's guide" that will show you how to construct a classic figure that will both look great and endure (until warm weather arrives, of course). This project is great fun, and one of the wonderful things about it is that, if you are less than fully satisfied with the results, it is easy enough simply to move over to another area of the yard and "harvest" the snow there to make a new beginning.

1. How to Make a Snowman: Learn All the Tricks

Classic snowman's head shown in photo. Learn how to make a snowman with recycled materials.
David Beaulieu

From the proper way to make a snowman's "legs" to composing a classic snowman face, I tell you how to make a snowman the smart way in this article. Making a snowman may be "child's play," if you will, but some aspects of sound snowman construction will be less than obvious to those who are new to this art form.

For example, when making the first snowball, learn why you should not be rolling it in only one direction. More importantly, learn a trick for hoisting a heavy middle ball up into position without hurting your back, if you are working alone.

2. How to Dress a Snowman

Part of the fun of making a snowman is "dressing" it creatively. I put "dressing" in quotes because outfitting a snowman often involves mixing actual clothing with objects meant to suggest clothing. Consult this resource for ideas on everything from scarves to gloves.

Often, people do not put much thought into the material used for the "buttons" running down a snowman's chest, but here I school you in why black stones are preferable to charcoal -- and why large washers may be even better than stones.

Details of this sort may seem insignificant, at first glance. But remember, without all the trimmings, your figure is just three snowballs, which is pretty boring. I do not know if clothes truly "make the man," but clothes certainly do make the snowman!

3. How to Make a Snowman Pipe

If you do not smoke a pipe (or blow bubbles out of a pipe), you may wonder how you are going to furnish your figure with a pipe -- truly a classic look that's not to be missed! -- without buying one especially for the occasion. I'm all about cheap landscaping, so I don't want you to spend any money on this project if you don't have to. That's why I show you how to make your own snowman pipe in this article.

As is so often the case in craft projects, I found it helpful to have at my disposal a glue gun (which also came in handy for making a snowman hat (see below) and a Dremel tool. But you can certainly improvise without these tools.

4. How to Make a Snowman Hat

The snowman is a creature of the North, of cold weather and ice storms, infused with the spirit of Old Man Winter's huffing and puffing. As such, I think it is a good idea to dress him in a hat.

What, you do not have a hat lying around to use on your snowman? Make your own snowman hat! This project will give you a chance to recycle some materials, to boot. While woolen hats can be used in snowman apparel, I prefer the traditional black top hat. I discuss 3 ways to make your own snowman top hat in this article.

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