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Growing Grass - Tips on How to Grow Grass

So you're intent on growing grass that will be the talk of the neighborhood? But how do you grow grass that will stay a lush green all summer? I discuss some preliminary considerations first: growing grass of the right type for your yard, dethatching it and irrigating it. Beyond that, any tips on how to grow grass successfully must focus on fertilizers, weed control and mowing regimen.

Getting Rid of Crabgrass
Looking to use an herbicide to kill crabgrass? Make sure you get the timing right, and begin with the correct identification of this weed; I show you pictures of crabgrass here to help you. If you wish to stay organic, you can use corn gluten as an herbicide. What's the best crabgrass-control method? Having healthy lawn grass that out-competes crabgrass for space and resources.

Starting New Lawns by Seeding
Sometimes people give up on lawn thatch removal and decide to just start over from scratch. Seeding to start a new lawn has one advantage over using sod: cost. But what are the proper steps for starting a lawn by seed? Find out here.

Laying Sod to Start New Lawns
OK, you're fed up with the dirt patch in front of your home and have decided to start a new lawn. The first question to address is, "Seed or sod?" A sod lawn is a great choice if you can afford it, since it gives you an instant lawn. How do you prepare the soil for laying a sod lawn? And what follow-up steps are required? I give instructions here.

What Does Crabgrass Look Like?
If you're new to lawn care and wonder what crabgrass looks like (so you can zero in on it and eradicate it in the smartest way possible), view my pictures revealing what some of its various plant parts (stems, leaf blades, etc.) look like.

Overseeding Lawns With Cool-Season Grasses
Cool-season grasses are called that for a reason. They can look pretty ragged after a summer of intense heat. Overseeding lawns is the solution. Learn how to improve bedraggled lawns by overseeding here.

Lawn Care Schedule From Spring to Fall
Fertilizing lawns can be confusing. When do you need to do what? That's why a lawn-fertilizing schedule such as this one can come in handy.

Overseeding Lawns With Warm-Season Grasses
Do you have a warm-season grass in your lawn? Such grasses do not look so great when cold weather arrives. That's where overseeding a lawn comes into play in the South: as a means of sprucing up the winter lawn. Only, there's a twist: you use a cool-season grass to accomplish this, namely, a ryegrass. Find out here what kind of ryegrass.

Fall Lawn Care Tips: Mowing, Other Fall Lawn Maintenance
What care (and when) should you be giving your lawn in fall? That depends. Is your lawn made up of a cool-season grass or a warm-season grass? I supply examples here. Soil improvement is also a task to tackle in autumn. Learn what you can do to address soil pH issues, and find out how aeration helps with soil compaction.

Landscaping With Dogs: Avoiding "Dog Spots" on Lawns
If you're growing grass (or trying to!) and you own a dog who has the run of the yard, you'll want to find out how to keep this beloved pest from spoiling the health of your lawn.

How to Get Rid of Moss in Lawns
Many people wonder what steps they need to take to remove moss from their lawns. But the more salient question is, Why is moss growing in this space at all, rather than nice healthy grass? Learn the answer here.

Removal of Dandelion Weeds
Dandelions are one of the few weeds that even most beginners need no help identifying (but in case you've lived a very sheltered life, I provide a picture). But knowledge on dandelion removal (or control, at least) is another matter. Here's some information to bring you up to speed.

Slime Mold on Lawns
Learn how to get rid of slime mold on the lawn, after first finding out what it is, exactly. The nature of slime mold provides a clue to fighting it.

When to Call in Lawn Care Professionals
"A highly maintained lawn requires a lot of product which you may not want to store or apply," writes Kelly Burke. Lawn care pros, Kelly continues, need a license to apply pesticides and have the experience to apply chemicals properly. Read more tips on hiring lawn care professionals in this article.

Lawn Care for Cool Season Grasses
Here's an outline of cool season grasses' characteristics, to aid you in the selection of the proper cool season grass for your yard. Kentucky bluegrass is an example of a cool season grass. Lawn care strategies for cool season grasses sometimes differ from those for warm season grasses.

Warm Season Grasses: An Overview of Warm Season Grasses
Read this article from the University of Arizona Extension to learn about the various warm season grasses. These are the most common grasses used in lawns, grasses which will continue growing through the heat of summer. Zoysiagrass, Bermuda, St. Augustine and Buffalograss are the varieties discussed.

Dog Traffic Problems: Keeping Dogs off the Lawn
Dogs may be man's best friend, but they are not a lawn's best friend. Read this article to find out how to keep Rover from spoiling the health of your lawn.

Lawn Diseases: Identification, Lawn Care Tips
Article on lawn diseases and lawn care steps to take to battle them. Discussion of key factors and symptoms to help in the identification of diseases including: size and shape of dead and dying plants, specific spots on leaves, quality of root system, leaf color and growth characteristics, time of year and temperature when disease developed.

Lawn Care: Weed Control
University of Minnesota Extension’s article on lawn weeds and measures to control them. Divisions are made between broadleaf weeds and grass weeds, and between cultural control measures (e.g., correcting soil compaction) and the use of herbicides. Finally, the latter is broken down into pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides.

Lawn Grass Renovation: Seeding, Laying Sod
Lawn renovation can be an arduous task. Fine Gardening has some helpful hints for improving your lawn, whether you opt for seeding or laying sod. Laying sod is faster but is more expensive than buying seed and sowing it. Seeding to renovate a lawn is called "topdressing" and involves adding topsoil, amendments and grass seed to an existing lawn.

Cool-Season Grasses: Lawn Maintenance Calendar
A lawn maintenance calendar from the University of Missouri Extension. This maintenance schedule refers primarily to cool-season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue and fine fescue.

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