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Why are flowering ground covers something of a Holy Grail for the landscaper? Well, they offer beauty and functionality, giving your yard color while simultaneously helping you fight weeds and erosion. Seeking a solution for a problem area? These plants offer a solution that doesn't demand any compromise on aesthetics.

However, many flowering ground covers bloom for only a short period of time during the spring. Consequently, the best choices will be the ones that provide foliage that attracts you, as well. The pictures of flowering ground covers that follow will help you in your plant selection. You can also install a supplemental planting of annuals for longer-lasting floral color.

Most flowering ground covers should be planted in a sunny spot for optimal performance, but a few of the examples I include in the photo gallery below provide options for areas with partial shade. Click on the links that accompany the entries to conduct further research on the featured plants.

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Phlox photo. As this picture of phlox shows, the spreading ground cover comes in pink and lavender.Ground Phlox PhotoHosta photo. A flowering ground cover, as this hosta photo shows, it's more often prized for foliagePhoto: Hosta as Flowering Ground CoverPicture of candytuft. A flowering ground cover, candytuft flowers become tinged with lavender.Candytuft PictureIceplant is a flowering ground cover. The iceplant in this photo has purple flowers.Long-Flowering Ground Covers
Picture of sweet woodruff. As this picture of sweet woodruff shows is a groundcover.Sweet WoodruffLiriope photo. As this photo of liriope shows, the plant does bloom, although it's known as "grass."Liriope PhotoPicture of basket-of-gold, a yellow flowering ground cover.Basket-of-GoldVinca picture. Vinca minor is a groundcover with blue flowers, as the photo shows.Vinca
Creeping thyme photo. A fragrant ground cover, creeping thyme blooms in pink, among other colors.Thyme Ground CoverCotoneaster picture. Cotoneaster flowers but is better known for its berries, shown in photo.Cotoneaster Picture'Yellow Archangel' is a yellow lamium plant.Yellow Archangel PictureDragon's Blood sedum picture. Dragon's Blood sedum has reddish stems and pink flowers.Sedum Spurium
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