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What Is the Correct Method for Planting Shrubs?


Planting the boxwood shrubs.

Planting a boxwood shrub as part of a hedge.

David Beaulieu
Question: What Is the Correct Method for Planting Shrubs?
Planting shrubs is not as easy as digging a hole in the ground and inserting the plants. If you take some care in planting bushes properly, your work will usually be rewarded with healthier specimens...

Planting shrubs properly begins with the selection of a suitable location. You should also dig the hole in the manner that the pros do and provide adequate care after planting. I discuss all this and further instructions in my full article on transplanting shrubs.

In the next FAQ on garden shrubs, I'll provide you with a solution to a problem commonly faced when planting shrubs: namely, how to keep them from "cooking" to death in the relentless summer sunshine before they can become established.

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