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Stone Walls and Patios: Landscaping That Lasts

Do you get a certain kick out of building something that's going to last a long time? If so, then patios, stone walls, etc. are for you. In the articles below I detail such projects as building flagstone, brick or concrete patios. In the Stone Walls section, learn about building small retaining walls and the like.
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Cement Work: Tips for Working With Concrete
Completing a durable masonry project such as a brick patio or concrete walkway can be a source of pride. But to get there, you first have to learn a thing or two about working with concrete. Mixing cement is one of the basics: fail to master this one, and all you'll end up with is a mess.

How to Build a Flagstone Patio
Are you seeking a slightly rustic (but not too informal) feel for your patio that neither brick nor concrete conveys? Try a stone patio. This tutorial shows you how to build one using flagstone. I'll take you step-by-step through the whole project, from start to finish.

Easy Design for Beginners: How to Build Brick Patios
I'm not a big fan of extra work, and I doubt that you are, either. That's why I present this simple project that makes building brick patios relatively easy. "What's the trick?" you ask. Answer: eliminating the need to cut any bricks.

How to Build a Concrete Patio
A concrete patio (unstamped) may not be the most beautiful of landscaping features, but it can be very effective in a boring, utilitarian way. In this tutorial I guide you through the necessary steps, from buying supplies and laying the base to pouring and finishing up.

How to Lay Tile Outside
Are you thinking about laying tile outside for a new patio? Mason, Joe Norton helps you every step of the way in this article. You'll have to make numerous decisions during the process of building a tile patio, and Joe brings his expertise to bear on the subject to make it more comprehensible for beginners.

Installing Patio Pavers
Patio pavers come in a number of types of materials. We discuss some of the kinds here, before moving on to installation and design considerations. Your biggest decision may be whether to do a dry-lay or use mortar. Our own Joe Norton shares his expertise to help you make optimal decisions for your project.

Landscaping With Stone: Stone Walls, Hardscape's Many Faces
This piece is an overview, meant to inspire you to undertake a hardscape project by illustrating all the creative possibilities inherent in "nature's building block": stone. From stone walls and their accessories to paths and patios, take a tour of the wonderful world of hardscaping.

Hardscape FAQ
Hardscape landscaping (or "hardscaping") is a multi-faceted subject. Read this FAQ on hardscape to learn about a topic that encompasses stone walls, patios and more. My answers to common hardscape questions will get you off on the right foot in your DIY work.

How to Mix Concrete
Are you itching to undertake your hardscape project, be it a patio, stone wall or whatever? For those who need concrete-mixing tips pronto, consult this article. My step-by-step instructions will have you ready to "play in the mud" -- with good results -- in no time!

Concrete Mixing Tips: Water and Mixing Cement
Or maybe that stone wall or patio you're planning doesn't have to start going up in the next 5 minutes? If you have a little more time, read this resource. Rather than a set of instructions, it gets into the whys and wherefores. It's an interview with a former inspector, someone well-qualified to get down to the nitty-gritty.

How to Resurface Concrete Patios
If there's one thing I know well about hardscape, it's concrete patios and resurfacing them. There's a concrete patio at my childhood home that takes a real pounding from all the elements that a New England winter can throw at it. I share some of my experience with you here.

Concrete Stamping Tools for Concrete Patio Design
Concrete is a versatile building material that lasts a long time (if used correctly). Its one drawback is that it is not inherently beautiful. You as the landscaper have to do a little extra work to make the end result of your concrete work aesthetically pleasing. One solution: stamping.

All Things Concrete
"All Things Concrete" offers ideas, instructions, and tips for enhancing, decorating, and maintaining concrete surfaces such as patios, driveways, and sidewalks. The site covers the topics of acid staining, acrylic staining, sealers, removing stains, and stamped concrete.

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