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Front Yard, Backyard Landscaping Help for Beginners

New to landscaping front yards and backyards? Discover some backyard ideas and learn landscape terms and scientific names. Beginners will find help through FAQs on front yard and backyard landscaping, and introductory pieces on landscape design, history and maintenance. You'll find access to book reviews and free online landscape design courses chock-full of backyard ideas.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Landscaping
What kinds of questions do landscaping novices commonly ask? Well, examples are questions on pruning, getting the yard ready in spring and putting it to bed in fall, mulching and hardscape. But that's just a small sampling. Visit my FAQs and see if the answer to your own question is there (it might very well be).

Landscape Plant Pictures
There are many ways to introduce beginners to landscaping. Pictures are great for those visually-oriented. Just browse these photos; when something catches your eye, click on it. Each plant pictured represents the whole group to which it belongs. So clicking on a shrub picture, e.g., will bring you to other shrubs.

Sequence of Bloom and Successional Interest Explained for Newbies
What is "sequence of bloom?" Is it different from "successional interest?" I define these concepts here. More importantly, I explain how you can employ them to keep your yard visually appealing week after week, with no letdowns.

Plant Database
Or maybe you prefer databases to pictures? The various types of plants I discuss are listed here, in alphabetical order. Do you like to use common plant names? Those comprise one half of my database. The other half presents the botanical names. So the choice is yours.

10 Dumb Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid
Have you ever made a dumb mistake? We all have. In landscaping, such errors can be expensive and cause you extra work. They can also result in eyesores. Avoid such mistakes using the tips furnished here.

Ideas for a Color Scheme: Flower Photo Gallery
Here's another resource you'll like if you prefer to learn using pictures, rather than databases. This time, though, the gallery is organized around flower color instead of plant type. Everyone (well, almost everyone) gets excited about color in the yard, right? Here's a way to find some quick examples of plants with flowers that are red, blue, etc.

Some Help Learning the Names of Perennials
Beginners wonder where to...well, begin in learning more about plants and landscaping. As with the study of any other endeavor, it really helps to get a handle on the names of the things you're dealing with. That way, when someone gives you advice about X, you'll know exactly what X is (instead of standing there dumbfounded). Here are some tips for learning the Who's Who of landscaping with perennials.

Quick Tips on Landscape Design
Or maybe you are the type who likes to just "jump in" midstream and see what you can do? If that describes you, consult this collection of resources for guidance. Because even the bold and impetuous realize the pitfalls of the sink-or-swim approach, right? Bookmark these articles and let my guidance be your floatation device.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas: The Quest for the Perfect Backyard
What do you seek from your space out back? Are you keen on hosting cookouts? Or is relaxing in a secluded retreat more to your liking? Either way, kids or pets could throw a monkey wrench into your plans. Use this article as your starting point for determining what kind of backyard makeover will best suit your needs.

Front-Yard Landscaping
Or is it the front yard that has you stumped? Not to worry: this guidance is targeted specifically to you. The front yard is a bit trickier than the backyard, since it is generally more open to public view. I help you establish your priorities and find a balance between them.

Backyard Fun Ideas
But landscaping is not all drudgery. Well, it does not have to be if you play your cards right. If you're trying to minimize your landscaping workload and let your hair down a bit more, the key is to think "low-maintenance." A little attitude adjustment may be in order for some of you, but once you get into the spirit of it, you'll find there are simple ways to lower maintenance and enjoy more leisure time in your yard.

Top Landscaping Books
To help beginners learn about landscaping, I must introduce you to the different components of the overall topic. This selection of top landscaping books will help you learn about lawns, trees and shrubs, and a hardscape feature: decks. Read my reviews to find a book that interests you, order it, and start reading!

10 Best Landscaping Plants You May Not Know About
There are many great landscaping plants out there that the casual gardener has probably never heard of. Here I name 10 such plants that fly under the radar. Remember them the next time you shop at a nursery.

How to Find a Landscape Architect
All of the above is geared to the DIYer. But what if you are not up to the task of doing it yourself? Nothing to be ashamed of: the wise understand their strengths and weaknesses and make choices accordingly. So in your wisdom, perhaps you've decided you'd like a landscape architect to do the job. The question then becomes one of finding a good landscape architect. Here are some tips.

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