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Natural Landscape Design and More (December, 2006)

Highlight: Woodland Gardens


The following articles on natural landscape design and other topics were published in December, 2006. One step in reducing plant maintenance needs is to switch to a more natural landscape design. Another step you can take to minimize how much care you need to put into your yard (thereby maximizing your time to enjoy it) is simply to select plants whose requirements are in keeping with your goals and the conditions in your yard.

In the first article below, you'll learn why woodland gardens are a great low-maintenance option. But I've supplied material on other subjects, as well, including resources that will help you decorate your landscaping for Halloween. Return to the index of landscaping articles to read more.

12/31/06 - Woodland Gardens

12/30/06 - Funny Halloween Pictures

12/28/06 - Enjoying Nature in the Backyard

12/26/06 - Free Jack-O-Lantern Patterns

12/16/06 - The Benefits of Using Newcomb's Guide to Identify Plants in the Wild

12/15/06 - Fence Pictures

12/14/06 - Deck Railings

12/09/06 - Book Review: How to Attract Wild Birds

12/08/06 - Pictures of Deck Railings

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