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Common Names of Plants - A-B

Common Names From Adonis to Butterfly Bush


The following are the common names of plants I cover beginning with the letters "A" or "B." Click any of the links below to access information about that particular species or cultivar.

Some of the highlights on this page are 'Arctic Beauty' kiwi, beautyberry and bluebeard. Kiwi vines exhibit two-toned spring foliage: a striking pink and the frosty white that suggested the cultivar name. Beautyberry offers fall berries in the rather unusual color of purple. Bluebeard blooms late -- just when our landscaping can use the extra color.

If you don't see what you were looking for in the entries below, go to my Common Plant Names index.

Common Names of Plants, A-B

Adam's Needle Yucca Adonis Alberta Spruce, Dwarf
Aloe Vera
Alyssum, Sweet Alyssum, Yellow Angelina Stonecrop
Apple Trees Arctic Beauty Kiwi Arborvitae, Emerald Green
Arrowwood Viburnum Ash Trees Aspen Trees, Quaking
Autumn Blaze Maple Autumn Clematis, Sweet Autumn Joy Sedum
Azaleas Azalea, 'Gibraltar'
Azalea, 'Golden Oriole' Azalea, Stewartstonian Bachelor Buttons (perennial)
Bamboo Plants Barberry, Japanese Batik German Iris
Bayberry Beautyberry Bee Balm
Beech Trees Birch Trees Bird of Paradise
Bittersweet Black-Eyed Susan 'Black Knight' Delphinium
Black Mondo Grass Black Shamrocks
Bleeding Heart Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Bluebeard Shrubs Bluebells, Spanish Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon
Blue Fescue Grass Blue Hill Salvia Blue Princess Holly
Blue Rug Juniper Blue Spruce, Colorado Blue Star Juniper
Boston Ivy Bottlebrush Plant Bougainvillea
Boxwood Bugleweed Bugloss, Italian
Bunchberry Burning Bush Butterfly Bush, Miss Ruby
Butterfly Bush, Blue Chip Butterfly Bush Butterfly Weed

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