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Landscape Design Information

Articles From March-April, 2004


These articles contain landscape design information. Suggestions on maintenance, product reviews and a discussion of other topics are also included. In addition to browsing these articles, please see my Landscape Design for Beginners. The recommendations presented here comes from articles that were written in March-April, 2004. Return to the index page listing all my early landscaping articles to browse through topics for other years.

4/26/04 - French Drains

4/21/04 - Push Reel Mower Review

4/19/04 - Landscape Design Information on Erosion Control: Retaining Walls

4/12/04 - Information to Use When Buying a Lawn Mower

4/05/04 - What Makes the Best Fence?

4/04/04 - Grass-Growing Tips

3/28/04 - Lawn Mower Maintenance FAQ

3/14/04 - Information on Apple Trees (a Boon to Landscape Design and Taste Buds, Alike)

3/08/04 - Forsythia Shrubs

3/07/04 - Information on Crape Myrtle Trees: Inject Color Into Your Landscape Design

3/01/04 - Moss as a Lawn Alternative for Shady Areas

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