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Small Garden Tillers

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Which kind of rototillers are better, the large or the small garden tillers? It really depends on the size of the space you're tilling. For small spaces, maneuverability is at a premium. Small garden tillers (or "cultivators"), like the electric mini-rototillers, are ideal cultivators for such spaces. For larger spaces, you want maximum tilling depth and width, enabling you to get the job done faster -- in which case the larger machines are better.
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  • Small garden tillers are light-weight, making them easy to handle.
  • Adjustable tine depth, width give these garden tillers the maneuverability needed in small spaces.


  • For bigger spaces: larger garden tillers can provide twice the tilling width and greater depth.


  • Gas-powered mini-garden tillers have a 1-horsepower or 2-horsepower engines.
  • Adjustable cultivator depth up to 5" for many small garden tillers.
  • Adjustable tine width (6" to 9") on many small garden tillers allows you to fit into tight spots.
  • Folding handles for easy storage for most small garden tillers means they won't be in the way.
  • Electric garden tillers can weigh as little as 11 lbs.

Guide Review - Small Garden Tillers

While large rototillers have their place (for tilling large spaces), small garden tillers are ideal for small spaces. The electric cultivators, for instance, offer the maneuverability needed in small spaces.

Small garden tillers are easy to maneuver in tight spots, not least of all due to their adjustable tilling width and depth. But that just begins to describe their convenience: these rototillers start up easy and are light-weight (electric models weigh as little as 11 lbs.). Folding handles allow you to store most of them away with ease.

Small garden tillers are reasonably durable. Nonetheless, don't think you can carve a new planting bed out of untamed, native soil with electric models or any other of the small garden tillers on the market. Use them only for the task for which they are designed -- namely, to loosen the ground for previously tamed land so that you have a friable soil in which to grow your plants. Clicking on the "Compare Prices" button will take you to a page where you can check on the availability of electric models and/or gas-powered mini-rototillers at this time.

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