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Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders: SquirrelStop

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SquirrelStop is squirrel-proof.

The SquirrelStop mechanism is the dome-shaped object, from which the feeder (not included) hangs.

David Beaulieu

The Bottom Line

The bottom line on these squirrel-proof bird feeders is easy: they work. In fact, they work so well, I think their reputation precedes them. When I hung out my bird feeder with the SquirrelStop attached to it, in order to test it for this review, the squirrels didn't even attempt to outsmart it for the longest time. Perhaps they knew better! When one brave squirrel finally did try to breach security, he was unceremoniously ejected -- much to my delight!
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  • These bird-only feeders are effective at keeping out squirrels. Do you need to know more?


  • Unlike squirrel-proof feeders that use guards (baffles), spinning bird feeders need batteries.


  • Using the eye-hook atop SquirrelStop, suspend it from a tree, arbor or similar structure.
  • Switch allows you to turn off these squirrel-proof bird feeders when not in use to save batteries.
  • When squirrels activate the spinning mechanism, it's fun for children (of all ages!) to watch.

Guide Review - Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders: SquirrelStop

Many squirrel-proof bird feeders use guards (baffles) for keeping squirrels out, blocking them from climbing bird feeder poles. But for bird feeders that are suspended rather than mounted, a different strategy is widely used: a weight-based strategy. A mechanism is used that is sensitive to weight. If something as heavy as a squirrel climbs on the bird feeder, the mechanism is activated, frustrating the squirrel. Since most birds are much lighter than squirrels, they're granted admission. In the case of some squirrel-proof bird feeders, activation of the mechanism results in a closing off of the food area. Not so with the SquirrelStop. Instead, activation of the mechanism results in a spinning motion that causes the squirrel to abandon ship! The dome-shaped object (see photo) is the SquirrelStop product itself. You supply your own feeder. The feeder must be made in such a way that you can hang it from the hook found at the bottom of SquirrelStop. When filled with food, the feeder must weigh less than 10 lbs. Here's what to do:
  1. Insert batteries.
  2. Hang a filled feeder from SquirrelStop.
  3. Hang up SquirrelStop.
  4. Turn it on (there's an on/off switch, so you can save on batteries when not in use).
  5. When squirrels climb onto SquirrelStop's dome, the dome will spin. The disoriented squirrels jump off, instead of continuing on down to your bird feeder.
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