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Black & Decker 22" Cordless Hedge Trimmers (NHT518)

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Picture of Black & Decker cordless hedge trimmer.

Picture of Black & Decker cordless hedge trimmer.

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The Bottom Line

Your options for hedgers are 3: gas hedge trimmers, corded electric hedge trimmers, or cordless hedge trimmers. When maneuverability is paramount, you can't beat gas-powered hedgers or battery-powered cordless hedge trimmers. But unlike gas models, cordless hedge trimmers are quiet and pollution-free -- and without that annoying cord! Plus, as with other electric models, you can be confident that cordless hedge trimmers will start up effortlessly (a relief to the mechanically challenged!).
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  • Cordless hedge trimmers provide the mobility of gas-powered models....
  • But without the noise and pollution.
  • These cordless hedge trimmers are lightweight, at only 6.5 pounds.


  • Cordless hedge trimmers need their batteries recharged occasionally.


  • Powered by battery, cordless hedge trimmers give you the benefits of electric without the cord.
  • Hedger's 18-volt battery is rechargeable and doesn't quit easily.
  • These cordless hedge trimmers cut wood up to 3/8" thick. Keep pruners handy for anything thicker.
  • Unlike gas models, they start up with ease. No more gas-mixing, no more tugging on a pull-cord!
  • 22" blade offers good reach and cutting surface, which is important for large hedges.
  • The light weight (6.5 lbs) of these cordless hedge trimmers minimizes fatigue.
  • Dual-action blades move in opposite directions, reducing vibration and further minimizing fatigue.
  • Safety trigger switch and hand guard on these cordless hedge trimmers permit worry-free trimming.

Guide Review - Black & Decker 22" Cordless Hedge Trimmers (NHT518)

Gas hedgers offer maneuverability and don't need to be charged; but they're noisy, messy and can be hard to start. Enter electric hedgers: they're quiet, clean and start at the squeeze of a trigger. But corded models restrict your movements.

With cordless electric hedge trimmers, you have the best of both worlds. Battery-operated, there's no cord to worry about cutting or tripping over -- and you'll never "come to the end of your rope" (cord). I was skeptical about only one thing before trying this product: would the battery hold its charge long enough to suit me, or not? I'm happy to report that my tests yielded an answer in the affirmative.

The charger and battery are included as part of the package. Prior to first usage, charge for 9 hrs. Thereafter, charging will take only 3-6 hrs. Black & Decker claims that its cordless hedge trimmers trim "mature hedges of up to 1,200 square feet per charge." I don't have such a long hedge, so I used a different criterion. For me, it was an issue of time. How long could I go without having to recharge the battery? Well, I trimmed a bush shortly after charging my cordless hedge trimmer for the first time, then trimmed another a week later. I tested the product again today, 3 weeks after the initial charge, and it's still cutting perfectly. I'm sufficiently satisfied to recommend this product.

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 1 out of 5
Black & Decker cordless hedge trimmer, Member rsbiglow

This product is terrible. The first one's motor burned out in about six months. After a hassle from Black & Decker, I received a replacement, which again the motor burned out in less than two months. Junk!

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