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Hedge Trimmers on Poles: Remington Axcess Hedge Trimmers

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Picture of Remington Axcess hedge trimmer.

Picture of Remington Axcess hedge trimmer.

David Beaulieu

The Bottom Line

Remington Axcess hedge trimmers are something of a cross between pole tree pruners and conventional hedge trimmers. Their blades definitely say, "hedge trimmers," but their length and telescoping action call to mind pole pruners. However, these hedge trimmers are geared for power, and that power comes at a price: namely, their weight, which is not easy on the arms. Treat Remington Axcess hedge trimmers primarily as a highly specialized product, needed only for trimming the tops of high hedges.
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  • As a "hedge trimmer on a pole," Remington Axcess provides easy access to tall hedges.
  • Pivoting powerhead allows you to shape hedges as desired.
  • Telescoping feature tacks another 10" onto the hedge trimmer's reach.


  • Remington Axcess hedge trimmers are heavy, so you'll need to take breaks!
  • The cord on these hedge trimmers may get in your way.


  • Click "Compare Prices" to check on the availability of Remington Axcess hedge trimmers.
  • Remington Axcess hedge trimmers are clean, as they run on electric.
  • 17-inch cutting bar.
  • Steel, dual-action cutting blades.
  • Remington Axcess hedge trimmers have a 3.0 amp. motor.
  • You can lock the trigger for continuous operation.
  • You can shape tall specimen shrubs with these hedge trimmers, too.

Guide Review - Hedge Trimmers on Poles: Remington Axcess Hedge Trimmers

Climbing ladders to trim high hedges is dangerous. Remington Axcess hedge trimmers address precisely this concern, without sacrificing power. As "hedge trimmers on a pole," they offer extra vertical reach, obviating the necessity to use ladders. The product is 5' 3" long, but you can add up to another 10" by using its telescoping feature.

Still, you may be wondering, "Isn't it awkward to have the cutting bar so far away from the user? How could you shape hedge tops properly with these hedge trimmers?" Fortunately, Remington thought of this objection: the hedge trimmer sports a pivoting cutting bar, so you can adjust the angle (up to 180 degrees) before making your next cut.

If there's a serious objection again these hedge trimmers, it's their weight. The engine that drives the cutting bar rests right behind it on the pole, and it's heavy. Those not in tip-top physical condition may become tired when holding this much weight out away from their bodies for extended periods. One solution would be to treat Remington Axcess hedge trimmers as a specialty product. That is, for a long, tall hedge, trim whatever you can reach with a regular hedge trimmer; but keep the Remington Axcess hedge trimmer handy for trimming the top.

The hedge trimmers run on electric, and there's a cord to plug in. Always keep in mind the whereabouts of the cord when trimming, so you don't trip on it or cut through it! Read my home safety tips for more on safety.

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