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BV4000 Leaf Hog Leaf Blowers ("Hand-Held Lawn Vacuums")

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Picture of Leaf Hog leaf blower.

Picture of Leaf Hog leaf blower.

David Beaulieu

The Bottom Line

BV4000 Leaf Hog leaf blowers (I like to think of them as "hand-held lawn vacuums") have a blow speed of up to 230 MPH, which will make the stubbornest leaf in your yard tremble. That, plus easy assembly, earns them a thumbs up. My one complaint concerns the cord retainer on these leaf blowers, a built-in feature just behind the prongs where you plug in the extension cord. There's just one groove here in which a cord may rest, and it's not expandable. My cord is too thick for it, and I fear I may be damaging my cord by forcing it in.

Note: Since the time of this review, Black & Decker has upgraded to the 4500 model, which can be purchased through the "Compare Prices" button.

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  • Leaf Hog leaf blowers are strong enough to quickly "sweep" a driveway clean.
  • In lawn vacuum mode, Leaf Hog leaf blowers suck up small quantities of debris reasonably well.


  • The Leaf Hog leaf blower's built-in cord retainer could damage thicker extension cords.


  • Leaf Hog lawn vacuums shred up leaves, creating ready-to-use mulch.
  • Blow speed of the BV2500 is 200 MPH, that of the BV4000 leaf blowers 230....
  • And the added power didn't come at the expense of increasing the weight of the BV4000 leaf blowers.
  • Leaf blowers are not just for blowing leaves -- great for cleaning pine needles off driveways, too!
  • The Leaf Hog leaf blower's built-in cord retainer could damage thicker extension cords.
  • Variable speed in both leaf blower and leaf vacuum mode.
  • As of 12/13/09, Black & Decker's latest model of this product appears to be the LH4500.
  • For the best way to use this equipment, please consult How to Use Leaf Blower/Vacs.

Guide Review - BV4000 Leaf Hog Leaf Blowers ("Hand-Held Lawn Vacuums")

I admit it: I'm not a "gadget guy." Not only that, but when I try out new leaf blowers ("hand-held lawn vacuums"), I don't feel like studying their manuals first to put the darn things together. My attitude is that I shouldn't have to go through that much trouble before the true work even begins! Leaf blowers that are hard to assemble send me scurrying for my rake.

All of which makes me a tough critic of leaf blowers. Their assembly must be reasonably intuitive. Also, switching from leaf blower mode to lawn vacuum mode shouldn't require an Act of Congress. Along with blowing / sucking power (which is excellent for these leaf blowers / lawn vacuums), those are the features that make or break leaf blowers for me.

Black & Decker's BV4000 Leaf Hog leaf blowers pass the test. For, although I did have to peek at the manual a few times, assembly and mode-changing were pretty straightforward. For those of you as gadget-challenged as I am, note that you'll get nowhere until you locate the release button at the front of the powerhead. Depressing that release button is what allows you to (dis)assemble. Further note that the release button won't work unless you set the ON/OFF switch to OFF.

I have also reviewed a prior model of these leaf blowers, the BV2500. The blow speed (power) of the BV2500 is 200 MPH, and it weighs 8.1 lbs. The BV4000 Leaf Hog leaf blowers have a blow speed of 230 MPH but still weigh only 8.1 lbs. That's what I call "progress."

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 4 out of 5
B&D Leaf Hog, decent residential blow/vac, Member KGRoberts

This is the fifth or sixth season on this BV4000 type2, and I've only owned this one blower/vac, ever. So, there might be other units out there that are 10x better, but I don't know because I have nothing to compare to at this time. I have a modest amount of yard vac'ing a few times a year. Small leaves, large leaves, twigs, it'll shred without thinking twice. Pine cones and sticks will also get sucked up, and they will shred (eventually), but it's loud and can be unnerving. I try to pick solid items up by hand. The bag is large enough that you're not emptying it too often. It does tend to get a little heavy when the bag fills, a larger portable bag might get unwieldy. Construction: It's all plastic, and that's okay. After 5 seasons the unit has held up fantastically. Trying to vac large brown maple leaves today has proven futile though. I'm thinking that the plastic impeller, which does the shredding and makes vacuum or blows air, may be worn and doesn't produce the vac that it used to. But, this impeller is $3.87 when I decide to replace it, from B&Ds website. Also, the lining in the bag has worn a hole through, and really should get replaced also. That item is about $22 on B&D website. But, hey, parts are available. And I think I only paid less than $100 when new. I'm happy.

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