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Ropeless Pole Pruners

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Picture of ropeless tree pruner.

Picture of ropeless pole pruner.

David Beaulieu

The Bottom Line

Pruning tree branches just became fun! I rarely issue a 5-star rating for a gadget, but the tool reviewed here richly deserve each of their 5 stars. Ropeless pole pruners are easy on the body and easy on the nerves.


  • Excellent for cutting the smaller branches that powered cutters have trouble with.
  • With a fiberglass pole, these pole pruners are lightweight.
  • Ropeless pole pruners spare you the aggravation from dangling rope getting snagged on twigs.


  • Fixed length fiberglass pole: 7 feet long.
  • Not meant for branches much bigger than 1 inch in diameter.


  • No more dangling rope to get in your way: the rope of traditional pole pruners is replaced by an internal steel cable.
  • Triple-power pulley system combines with a leverage arm to make cutting with these pole pruners easy.
  • Other key features that make this tool useful are its power blade, built-in tension tightener, and sliding shaft.
  • Fiberglass construction makes these pole pruners lightweight.
  • Intended for use on branches up to about 1 inch in diameter.
  • Adjustable knob at end of shaft, in case the steel cable builds some slack in the tension.
  • These pole pruners don't "telescope": they are a fixed length, at 7 feet long.

Guide Review - Ropeless Pole Pruners

With the "Hook-N-Pull" ropeless pole pruner, just place the hook sitting at the end of the fiberglass pole over the tree branch to be cut, then pull the sliding shaft. Pulling the sliding shaft engages the cutting blade. After the cut, a spring efficiently retracts the blade back to its starting position.

Depending upon your trimming needs, this may be a case where a manual tool can serve you better than a power tool. I've tested cordless electric pole chainsaws and found them wanting in a very important respect: they don't trim small branches very well. For all their power, the bars of pole chainsaws, unfortunately, get clogged with leaves when used to trim numerous small, leafy branches. The cuts also tend to shred such branches, rather than cutting them crisply. Consequently, I would reserve the gas-powered and electric-powered gadgets for the bigger branches.

Personally, my trimming needs are such that I have much more need of a pole pruner that cuts small branches well. If your trimming needs are similar, then these ropeless pole pruners won't disappoint.

A triple-power pulley system combines with a leverage arm to make cutting a breeze. The Hook-N-Pull Web site explains the principle behind the system thusly: "Each pulley is carefully calculated to reduce the amount of force exerted. By using 3 pulleys, 2 fixed and one moving, it was specifically engineered to assist a lighter and easier cut."

But these pole pruners are not only easier on the body, but on the mind, too. With traditional pole pruners, a rope controls the cutting mechanism, and this rope hangs outside the unit, enabling it to snag on branches. Frustrated, you then have to halt what you're doing to disentangle it. The internal steel cable that replaces the rope in the Hook-N-Pull eliminates this headache.

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