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Interiorscaping - Gardening Indoors With Houseplants

When you apply landscaping skills indoors to beautify your home's interior, you are “interiorscaping.” It doesn't take much to persuade plant-lovers in cold climates to garden indoors; if nothing else, they wish to bring in tropicals and tender perennials for over-wintering. Learn about houseplant care and which plants will accept houseplant status.
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An Interiorscaping Essential: Good Houseplant Care
Houseplants improve indoor air quality, design and mood. All you have to do in return is provide adequate care for houseplants -- easier said than done! This article offers ideas for combating pests that plague your attempts at interiorscaping, as well as ideas for giving your houseplants an optimal environment.

Introduction to Growing Bonsai Trees, Bonsai Tree Care
You can enhance your interiorscaping through the use of bonsai trees. Some types of bonsai trees grow best indoors, Norfolk Island pine tree and ornamental fig being examples. But once you have selected the right type, how do you care for your bonsai? Of course, everyone wants to know how to prune bonsai plants. I introduce you to these matters here.

Aloe Vera Plants
Aloe vera is an example of a tropical plant that Northern gardeners will have to overwinter indoors. Fortunately, it is an attractive plant that can beautify your home during the winter (which is why florists often include it in dish gardens). During your aloe vera's stay as a house guest, take advantage of its skin-care uses.

Forcing Flowers: Enjoy a Taste of Spring in Winter!
Interiorscaping is about more than just houseplant care and over-wintering plants unable to stand the cold. This article is geared to those who are tired of winter. If spring simply cannot come soon enough for you, force spring to make an early appearance! I am talking about "forcing" flowers, of course. Learn how to do it here.

Interiorscaping With Herbs
Need to bring tender herbs indoors for the winter? Marie Iannotti, About.com's Guide to Gardening, tells you which herbs perform best in windowsill gardens. And perhaps the best news is: some of them require little in the way of houseplant care.

Houseplants You Can't Kill
Are there any common houseplants that you almost can’t kill? You bet there are, and Marie Iannotti features 6 of them in this article. Because they’ll grow in indirect light, don’t mind normal household temperatures and humidity levels, and "are perfect for someone who always forgets to water their plants," these 6 common houseplants are a brown thumb’s delight!

How to Move Your Plants
"Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming, warm and alive than house plants. And if you're like me, your plants are part of the family; a member you can't part with very easily," scribes Diane Schmidt, About's Guide to Moving. Let's face it: when you're moving, houseplant care is largely about getting your houseplants safely from point A to point B!

Palm Varieties Suitable for Gardening Indoors
Perhaps no houseplant carries with it such an immediate visual impact as the palm tree. Transforming a nook of your interiorscape into a lush oasis with tall palm varieties makes a strong design statement. Read about the most appropriate palms for use as houseplants.

eBook on Houseplant Care
Gary Antosh of Plant-Care.com is the author of this eBook on houseplant care. If you turn green with envy when you view great interiorscaping but suffer from a brown thumb, this may be your answer for gardening indoors successfully.

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