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Landscape Design Ideas for Halloween Landscaping and Fall Foliage

Don't wait for fall to gather landscape design ideas for fall colors and a novel Halloween landscape. Fall colors are provided by trees, shrubs and vines, but you must plan and plant ahead. Besides fall foliage colors, consider any colorful berries that plants may produce. Halloween landscaping should show creativity, so browse here for new ideas.
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Outdoor Halloween Decorations
What ideas do you seek for outdoor Halloween decorations? Some scary or not-so-scary scarecrows? Or maybe you'd like to paint or carve a pumpkin in a brand-new style? If you don't know what you want, simply browse the material here for ideas.

Planting Fall Flowers
Fall color is all about the fall foliage of trees and shrubs, right? Wrong! In this article I explain how to use annuals and perennials to beef up your autumn display. These plants will inject color nearer to ground level. And I detail how to pull it all off cheaply.

Pumpkin Pictures for Carving Ideas
My pumpkin pictures will supply you with new carving ideas for this Halloween's jack-o-lantern. I also offer patterns (stencils) and a carving tutorial.

Pumpkin Faces
How you carve a jack o'lantern largely comes down to personal tastes. Some of us prefer realistic pumpkin faces, others prefer them highly stylized. My pictures of Halloween pumpkin faces offer examples of both; in case you have "carver's block," click through them for some new ideas.

Scary Pumpkin Stencils
There's nothing like some spooky pumpkins on the porch to enhance the fall colors in an October yard. Trace a spooky face of your choosing using one of my scary pumpkin stencils. Then carve a jack o'lantern with the confidence that comes from knowing you have an outline to guide your hand.

Scary Halloween Pictures
Will my scary Halloween pictures frighten you enough to keep you from going out in the dark? Probably not; but they may motivate you procrastinators to get going with your fall decorating. I find the decorations people use in the yard at Halloween time to be the most interesting and most colorful of the whole year.

Mum's the Word for Fall Flowers
Mums are practically synonymous with fall color in the yard. If you buy your mums in full flower, you basically have a free pass. But if you grow hardy mums year after year, you will have to bone up on dividing your plants and pinching them. Then there's the issue of helping them overwinter.

Halloween Yard Decorations
A little design knowledge goes a long way. You may have hit upon the greatest Halloween decoration in the world (in your view), yet, if it isn't displayed to full advantage, it will not have optimal impact. Pick up some pointers here before you go through the trouble of setting out those scarecrows, witches, jack-o-lanterns, etc.

Shrubs and Vines for Fall Foliage
Do you believe in putting all your eggs in one basket? I do not. Planting the landscape for fall foliage is about more than just including a few maple trees, resplendent with their red autumn leaves, or other fall foliage trees. There are plenty of vines and shrubs with great fall foliage potential, too.

Fall Colors of Bittersweet Vine: A Bittersweet Decision?
Fall colors of gold and orange adorn oriental bittersweet vine, just one of three plants known as "bittersweet." Bittersweet vine attracts birds, and arts and crafts folk love its fall colors. Bittersweet bathes its host trees in masses of fall colors -- trees it sentences to death. That's too high a price for its autumn color, isn't it?

Halloween Landscape and the Pagan Origin of Halloween
Halloween is a colorful holiday – in more ways than one! Historically, it is colorfully controversial; I give you a taste of the latter here, as an introduction. Page 2 deals with translating some of that color to your Halloween landscape in the form of outstanding fall color. Halloween is a time for experimenting.

Halloween Pictures
The nice thing about autumn décor is that there are multiple themes upon which to draw. Within any one of those themes (e.g., fall foliage season, the harvest and the Halloween holiday), there are a multitude of ways to "get into the spirit." You can decorate tastefully and with nature in mind or be as tacky as you wish, depending on your tastes.

Funny Halloween Pictures
If you live in New England (U.S.), as I do, you have to love autumn. The fall colors generated by nature are amazing, and homeowners enhance what nature supplies with decorations. Some of the most memorable of the latter are the ornaments set out around Trick or Treat time. I attempt to capture something of the spirit of the season in these...

Free Jack-o'-Lantern Patterns
Do you wish to paint the face on your jack-o-lantern or carve it on? How you answer that question will determine whether you employ these free Halloween patterns as stencils or as templates. Either way, they are a sure cure for those with unsteady hand (or in need of new design ideas) who wish to make a jack-o-lantern to display on the porch.

What Are the Best Halloween Displays?
One of the things I enjoy about this job is hearing ideas from folks all over the world. I receive great tips from you about decorating yards -- including Halloween displays -- and I often publish those ideas to share them with everyone. Use this interactive feature to suggest ideas for Halloween displays or to learn what others have suggested.

Pictures of Scarecrows: A Mother Goose Theme
Maybe it's the little boy who's inside me that's speaking, but I still enjoy fairy tales as an adult; and a smile can still be elicited from me when reference is made to a nursery rhyme. I can't be alone, because I know many gardeners use fairy art, gnomes, etc. in their yards. So I think many of you will find some welcome ideas for scarecrows...

Ideas for Making Scarecrows
Seneca Falls, NY is associated with the Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life. Never having been there in the winter, I don't know how they decorate for Christmas; but in the fall of 2010, they created a magnificent scarecrow display downtown. I photographed their work and invite you to draw inspiration from it.

Haunted houses are a symbol of fall's big holiday, and HauntedHouse.com is the go-to destination online to learn about such attractions. Their lists include not only spooky places but also marketplace information. Whether you end up visiting one of the places physically or merely do so online, you're sure to come away with great decorating ideas.

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